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Ultra HD: TV'S New Long and Winding Road
By: Jack Myers (07/08/2013)

Digital Media Implosion = M&A Opportunities
By: Jack Myers (07/01/2013)

The High Cost and Low Return of Marketing Innovation
By: Jack Myers (06/23/2013)

Network TV Upfront: This Time It's Different
By: Michael Nathanson, Nomura Securities (06/17/2013)

Media Legends. Media Village. Connecting the Past to Your Future
By: Jack Myers (06/10/2013)

Branded Content Defined (Redefined?) for the Future
By: Jack Myers (06/03/2013)

Wild and Not-So-Crazy Predictions for Media, Marketing and Society 2013 - 2030
By: Jack Myers (05/28/2013)

Ed Martin's Upfront Reviews and Ratings
By: Ed Martin (05/21/2013)

As Upfront Moves, Digital Waits for Newfront Payoff
By: Jack Myers (05/20/2013)

Network TV Upfront Cost Inflation Forecast 2013/2014
By: Jack Myers (05/13/2013)

METAMORPHOSIS: When "Change" is Not Enough
By: Jack Myers (05/06/2013)

Newfronts and Upfronts and Outfronts, Oh My! Inertia in the Face of Change is a Powerful Force
By: Jack Myers (04/29/2013)

What's the Fastest Growing Company in History?
By: Jack Myers (04/22/2013)

Observations from AdTech and NAB. Metamorphosis?
By: Jack Myers (04/15/2013)

Disney/ABC, Turner Capture Six of Top 10 TV Sales Organizations
By: Jack Myers (04/08/2013)

TV, Print, Radio Capturing 33% of Total Digital Ad Spend
By: Jack Myers (04/01/2013)

Lean In to the Third Wave of Women's Rights Activism
By: Jack Myers (03/26/2013)

Ad Execs Rate TV Nets' Research Support
By: Jack Myers (03/25/2013)

2010-2020 Forecast: Marketing & Media Winners. Marketing & Media Losers.
By: Jack Myers (03/18/2013)

Is Netflix' House of Cards and Binge Viewing the Future of TV?
By: Jack Myers (03/11/2013)

Top 10 TV Sales Organizations for Customer Service
By: Jack Myers (03/06/2013)

Advertisers Rate TV Sales Organizations on Upfront Presentations

Mobile, Social and Online-Originated Video Ad Growth Rates 2012-2020
By: Jack Myers (02/25/2013)

Turner and Fox Dominate Top 10 TV Sales Organizations for Customer Service in Advertiser/Agency Survey
By: Jack Myers (02/19/2013)

2013 TV/Video Advertising Forecast: -2.0%
By: Jack Myers (02/11/2013)

Digital Advertising and Marketing: $160B in 2020
By: Jack Myers (02/01/2013)

Disney, Turner and Fox Dominate Top Ten Network TV Ad Values, But CBS Ranked #1 TV Value
By: Jack Myers (01/28/2013)

CES Uncovered: Discoveries and Companies You Will Read About Nowhere Else
By: Jack Myers (01/21/2013)

2013 Ad Spending Forecast +0.7% as Digital Growth More than Offsets Legacy Declines
By: Jack Myers (01/14/2013)

Five Essential Business Rules for Marketers and Media in 2013
By: Jack Myers (01/07/2013)

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