Navigating Blockchain and Digital Asset Opportunities in Media (Video)

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Despite recent turmoil, investments in blockchain and digital assets can still offer great value to the media industry. Jarick Poulson, Managing Director of Deloitte's Blockchain and Digital Assets Practice, sits down with MFM InSites Office Hours host Cal Mostella to discuss the risks and opportunities within the blockchain and digital assets space.

In the video above, Poulson equates recent fraud events in the crypto space back to the early days of the Internet and assures that we are getting much better at detecting the bad actors and weeding them out. Poulson then points to four key data points that validate and support the business case for blockchain and digital assets.

Poulson also helps untangle the confusing terminology that makes blockchain and the ancillary technologies so intimidating for those less familiar. They also discuss use cases for making these technologies work in your business.

Also in this episode, you'll learn more about finance's role in helping business clients avoid unintended consequences when evaluating new digital asset ventures or blockchain applications in your business. Poulson highlights who you should have at the table to see the opportunities and risks through multiple lenses and the one big question to ask.

And finally, you don't want to miss the enlightening conversation about where Poulson projects blockchain and digital assets will be in five years.

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