Netflix to Accept Ads by 2016 Say Ad Execs (Plus More Members-Only Survey Results)

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Advertising executives anticipate that Netflix will be offering advertising sponsorships and availabilities within the next two-to-three years, according to a new survey conducted by MyersBizNet in association with Vision Critical and MediaVillage. Thirty-one percent of respondents to the 300-person survey believe Netflix will add advertising before the second season of the new Arrested Development series, scheduled to be offered by the streaming service in 2014. Sixty-two percent expect ad insertion within the next three years and another six percent within five years. Less than one percent believe Netflix will never offer ad inventory to marketers.

Digital Ad Spending Will Surpass Legacy Dollars in 2019

Also in the MyersBizNet survey, more than 90% of advertiser and agency executives accurately forecast that digital ad spending will surpass digital spending by 2022. The official MyersBizNet projection that digital will surpass legacy advertising in 2019 is below. Here are the predictions of the ad execs surveyed, followed by MyersBizNet official forecast.

MyersBizNet Survey of Advertising Executives September 2013   
When do you believe total digital ad revenues (excluding search) is projected to surpass traditional media ad revenues?
2015-2017 21.40%     
2018-2019 35.70%     
Before 2022 34.80%     
Before 2028 3.10%     
After 2028 4.90%     
2013 MyersBizNet Forecast of Advertising Expenditures – Legacy and Digital Media 
(Details by medium available to MyersBizNet members at and by request to
Legacy Advertising $145,250$142,100$139,400$140,750135, 500$139,600
Digital Advertising $45,600$71,500$106,600$125,700$143,000$161,300
Source: MyersBizNet       

Male Ad Execs Not Turned On by Social TV...Females Attracted to Lifestyle and News Sites

MyersBizNet survey respondents were also asked to identify the types of websites they visit regularly. Leading the list are search and social networking sites, followed closely by news sites and video sites. Males are more likely to visit TV, sports and video sites while females are far more likely to visit magazine/newspaper, lifestyle, social TV and gaming sites

Sites Visited by Advertising Executives, September 2013  
  Total Respondents Male Respondents Female Respondents
Search Sites 95% 92% 98%
Social Networking Sites 94% 95% 93%
News Sites 92% 84% 100%
Online Video Sites 85% 100% 72%
Magazine/Newspaper Sites80% 60% 98%
Lifestyle Sites 66% 31% 98%
TV Network/Programming Sites60% 66% 55%
Sports Sites 51% 73% 31%
TV Station Sites 51% 25% 77%
Social TV Sites 37% 10% 60%
Radio Station Sites 36% 42% 31%
Gaming Sites 34% 18% 48%
Children’s Sites 13% 0% 24%
Source: MyersBizNet Industry Survey September 2013    

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