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I am driving from Denver to New York with my wife and daughter. We are equipped with an iPhone (3 actually), my netbook, my daughter's laptop and an iPod. Because we don't know how far we can drive in a day, we have not booked hotel rooms along the way. We decided we would rely on various internet options that provide us with mileage from and to, with specific directions and information on local restaurants (Yelp rules) and hotels. Perfect, right? Wrong.

We live in a country where ATT, my phone provider, brags that they provide coverage for 93% of Americans (or something like that). That means that along the route we are driving less than 7% of the population is located, because we have had virtually zero 3G service and are often without any "bars" for even basic phone connection. I have had excellent web connections and perfect email walking on the Great Wall of China, but here, on Interstate 80, I am blind, deaf and feeling pretty darn dumb.

So sitting in my hotel room, with both wired and wireless service (bless you Marriott TownePlace Suites) and writing this blog post I realize how spoiled I have become. I presume, as almost a constitutional right, that I should have perfect service everywhere. Yet a mere eyeblink of time ago even the concept would have been pure science fiction.

Historians have long posited a "law of rising expectations" where it is not the oppressed peasantry that would rise but rather the middle class whose expectations were outrunning society's ability to deliver against them. That's me…that middle class bourgeois business person whose expectations for ubiquitous 5 bar service, even along the empty stretches of I80 in the middle of Nebraska are not being met.

Now, if only someone would send me a MeetUp invitation to a revolution.

Jerry Shereshewsky has formed a new marketing consultant firm, GrownUpMarketing, to help agencies and marketing companies strategically understand the 45+ market and the relevance to their particular brands. Jerry can be reached at

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