New GSTV AMPLIFY Retail Media Network Drives Spending In the Last Mile of Consumer Journey

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GSTV, a national video service available at tens of thousands of fuel retailers, has launched a new media network, GSTV AMPLIFY. The network engages and entertains audiences at scale, giving advertisers more powerful tools to target consumers who are essentially undistracted at the point of purchase. Then it attributes their purchases to content viewed on screen.

"It's a collection of capabilities and opportunities that brands can leverage to complement their omni-channel brand plan and amplify their overall sales and marketing return," explained GSTV's Kristal Walton, Vice President and the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry Leader at GSTV.

GSTV AMPLIFY shares video content "to the largest centralized media network of convenience store retailers," Walton said. "That's where the retail media network comes to play delivering over 100 million unique monthly impressions at a very contextually relevant moment." All told, AMPLIFY has a national footprint of over 28,000 fuel stations in 205 markets, with multiple screens at each station.

Beyond reaching consumers steps away from convenience stores, advertisers that partner with GSTV AMPLIFY have also found success driving to retailers across multiple channels including grocery, big box and drug. Walton said that there are three ways to work with the AMPLIFY network. Advertisers can either: a) place video spots directly with GSTV or buy programmatically, b) develop a seasonally relevant program with AMPLIFY or c) design a custom program that is tailored with creative and layered with extensions for added reach, frequency or action.

AMPLIFY works with targeting and measurement partners to offer advertisers "flexible data-driven targeting opportunities," Walton explained. "You can really track performance with data partners such as IRi and Catalina. We also have a host of other partners, depending on what the specific measurement goal is that supports the overarching brand plan."

Targetability is offered according to a campaign's objective, such as driving sales or purchase intent, and it does so at a demographic, geographic and even a behavioral level. "We work with our measurement partners to track performance," Walton said. "So, depending on the business objective for a brand, we can look at sales lift, brand awareness, perception of a consumer. And with ecommerce sales, we can look at ecommerce lifts and things like that."

AMPLIFY is different from other retail media initiatives because "it allows us an opportunity to drive across the marketing funnel, tracking awareness and conversion throughout the consumer journey," Walton added. "We also have an ability to directly influence in-store sales, because we have that unique moment of contextual relevance with someone fueling up."

In this environment, "we overcome the challenge of attentiveness and engagement and also connect directly with the consumer at the last mile of the shopper journey right before they're going to make a purchase," she continued. "We have a national footprint and scale, which allows brand teams to focus regionally or on certain states or cities or broadly or at locations that are situated close to another retailer. We can develop an opportunity to engage with consumers in close proximity to the moment of purchase, no matter where they decide to go next."

According to Walton, AMPLIFY offers an array of positive results. A recent analysis by Affinity Solutions and commissioned by GSTV found that on the day they fuel up, in the three hours following a fuel transaction consumers spend 3.7 times more and transact 4.7 times more than those not fueling up, she revealed. AMPLIFY's ability to reach consumers with relevant engaging content at a quiet moment with little distraction, within an unskippable environment and close to the point of purchase, benefits both the advertiser and the consumer.

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