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January not only brings on the New Year but for many of us, a chance to fulfill resolutions that bring a positive, healthy change to our lives. None is more difficult than trying to quit smoking. Smokers will often try and most often fail to accomplish the goal on their own by quitting cold turkey. Thankfully, smoking cessation aids available in both over-the-counter and prescription drug forms are here to help! Timing is critical and advertisers of these products must be sure they are effectively reaching The Right Audience™ of consumers active in their attempt to quit with their messaging.

With TRA’s patented Media TRAnalytics® and TV HealthRatings™ powered by TRA, both prescription and over-the-counter advertisers can maximize the efficiency of their ad spend by knowing where to maximize their brand exposure to smokers active in their attempt to quit and ultimately, kick the bad habit of wasteful media spend!

In the chart below, Discovery Health captured the greatest density of viewers who were actively trying to quit smoking with a prescription medication in January 2010. Now the OWN network, it will be interesting to see if this concentration of viewers will continue.

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