Nickelodeon, IGN, WashingtonPost/Newsweek, Discovery, EA, UGO, ESPN and USA Today Rated Tops by Ad Execs for Reaching the Most Engaged Online Audiences

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Cover image for  article: Nickelodeon, IGN, WashingtonPost/Newsweek, Discovery, EA, UGO, ESPN and USA Today Rated Tops by Ad Execs for Reaching the Most Engaged Online Audiences

Advertiser and agency executives who spend more than 75% of their time working with online media rank Nickelodeon Online as the #1 website for delivering the most engaged and targeted audiences. Six other TV-based sites are included in the top 15 sites among 52 branded sites rated by 165 respondents to the annual Myers Survey of Advertising Executives on Branded Website Value and Sales Organization Performance. The TV-based sites that ranked highest for delivering the most engaged and targeted audiences are Nickelodeon (75% rate the site 6/7 on a seven point scale), Discovery Digital, ESPN, Hulu, Disney Online,, and Scripps Interactive. Google Video was also surprisingly ranked among the top 15. Ad Sales Networks, search sites and portals were included in a separate study and not measured in this Myers evaluation of branded websites. Print-based sites that were ranked by advertiser and agency executives among the top performers for delivering engaged audiences were WashingtonpostNewsweek Interactive, USA Today and Non-affiliated sites ranked highly among the Top 15 by those respondents who are most involved in online advertising are: IGN Entertainment, UGO, EA Games and WebMD.

Subcribers to Jack MyersMedia Business Report can view the full ranking of 52 sites among total survey respondents, online agency executives, those respondents who met each sites’ respective sales reps, and respondents who spend at least 75% of their time working on online media below. The full survey results, including site performance for seven attributes, are available to 2009 corporate subscribers to the Jack Myers Media Business Report.

Jack Myers Survey of Advertising Executives on Branded Sites Sales Organization Best Practices
2008 / Online Media Sales Organizations:
Delivers More Targeted & Engaged Audiences
Based on those who had experience with the online media sales organization in the past 12 months (n/a = base counts with <10 respondents)
Top 2-Box % (7 point scale, 1=poor performance, 7=excellent performance)      
 Total respondentsOnline media agencyYes76%+ time online  
 Nickelodeon Online Sales73.1%175.0%178.3%175.0%1
 Disney Online53.8%238.5%2057.9%547.6%10
 EA Games53.8%2n/an/a40.0%3150.0%5
 Washingtonpost Newsweek Interactive53.1%457.1%453.9%855.6%3
 Forbes com51.9%546.2%860.0%347.6%10
 Scripps Interactive51.6%660.0%355.0%645.8%15
 Weather com51.0%739.3%1953.7%1047.4%12
 ESPN Customer Marketing and Sales50.0%856.3%650.0%1550.0%5
 IGN Entertainment50.0%866.7%252.0%1356.3%2
 WebMD com50.0%846.7%750.0%1547.4%12
 Google Video48.8%1136.8%2247.1%2146.7%14
 Hulu com48.4%1246.2%851.9%1447.8%9
 SI com48.1%13n/an/a52.9%1145.0%16
 USA Today com47.8%1441.7%1550.0%1550.0%5
 UGO Entertainment47.1%15n/an/a53.8%953.8%4
 CNN com46.5%1642.1%1442.4%2744.1%17
 People com46.4%1744.4%1254.2%740.0%19
 FoxSports com45.5%18n/an/an/an/a40.0%19
 WSJ com Wall Street Journal45.5%1857.1%452.4%1238.5%24
 Fox Interactive Media43.8%2033.3%2350.0%1538.5%24
 New York Times Digital43.8%2046.2%840.9%3036.0%27
 Meredith Interactive42.9%2223.1%3261.5%235.3%29
 Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital42.9%22n/an/an/an/a30.0%36
 CNET news com TV com41.2%2530.0%2746.4%2235.7%28
 FoxNews com40.7%2645.5%1144.4%2533.3%32
 CBS Digital Media Sportsline CSTV40.6%2733.3%2350.0%1540.7%18
 Discovery Digital Media Sales40.0%2840.0%1760.0%350.0%5
 The Street com40.0%28n/an/an/an/a40.0%19
 MTV Digital Media37.9%3043.8%1342.3%2834.8%30
 Federated Media37.5%3141.7%1546.2%2337.5%26
 CNNMoney com35.7%3233.3%2341.2%2926.1%43
 You Tube35.7%3238.5%2036.2%3334.2%31
 Time com35.3%34n/an/a45.5%2430.8%35
 Microsoft Advertising34.6%3516.7%3433.3%3527.3%39
 Gannett Sites33.3%36n/an/an/an/a40.0%19
 HuffingtonPost com33.3%3630.0%2742.9%2629.4%37
 About com32.7%3830.0%2735.1%3426.2%42
 CBS Digital Media CBS News com30.2%4028.6%3031.3%3827.8%38
 AETN com A E History Biography30.0%41n/an/a30.0%39n/an/a
 NBC Universal Digital Media28.9%4222.2%3333.3%3526.7%41
 Hearst Magazines Interactive27.8%43n/an/a33.3%3533.3%32
 Reuters com27.3%44n/an/an/an/a27.3%39
 Time Inc Digital Media27.3%44n/an/a29.4%4122.2%44
 National Geographic com23.1%46n/an/a30.0%39n/an/a
 IAC Advertising Solutions21.7%4710.0%3521.4%4218.9%46
 TV Guide com20.0%48n/an/an/an/an/an/a
 ABC Family com18.8%49n/an/an/an/a15.4%47
 ABC Digital and New Media17.9%5025.9%3114.6%4419.0%45
 MarthaStewart com16.7%51n/an/a16.7%4315.4%47
 MLB com10.0%52n/an/an/an/an/an/a
AVERAGE39.0% 39.9% 44.5% 38.2% 
Source: Myers Survey of Advertising Executives on Branded Sites Sales Organization Best Practices - February 2009 
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A minimum base of respondents was required for inclusion but respondent base for each site and respondent group
varies and may effect the results and rankings       
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