Nine Digital Advertisers Planning in Q2

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You might have heard that digital ad spending is projected to overtake traditional for the first time in 2019, accounting for over 54% of total outlays.  If you're looking to cash in on that influx, we've outlined a few places to start.

Whether you're an ad seller targeting brands buying direct or a tech vendor hoping to create relationships with brands buying programmatic (86.3% of all transactions are expected to be spent automatically by 2020), we've put together a hit list for your needs.  With Winmo's extensive Adbeat integration that launched last month, our users now have exclusive access to thousands of brands' ad spend, custom reports, detailed publisher, ad network breakdowns and more -- meaning the ability to see which publishers are selling inventory, through which networks (or direct) and to which brands.

To give you an in with digital spenders, we're providing you with nine Digital Advertisers who are planning in Q2.  We've also provided additional intel, including the brands' media spend, list of top publishers and media agency relationships to help your teams target the right people with the right message.  Check them out:

1. Pantene Pro-V

Total Brand Media Spend: ~$140M

According to Adbeat data, Pantene has spent its digital dollars across direct, native and programmatic channels.  Forty-four percent of those dollars are spent on direct ads while 2% is spent across programmatic.  Traditionally, Q2 is their heaviest buying period, so ad sellers should begin reaching to secure direct dollars as soon as possible.

Pantene Pro-V has ads published, primarily with hobbies & interests, as well as news publications.  Top publishers include YouTube, Daily Mail, The Root and E! Online.

Carat is AOR of media buying and media planning.

2. Olay Total Effects

Total Brand Media Spend: ~$15M

Olay's top annual advertising channel is through direct ads, meaning lots of opportunity remains for traditional media sellers out there, though last month alone, 43% of its budget was spent programmatically, showing rising opportunity for anyone targeting that portion.

Ads run mostly in hobbies & interests and arts & entertainment.  Top publishers include YouTube, The Knot, Fandango and E! Online.  

Hearts & Science is the brand's AOR for creative, media buying, digital and media planning.

3. Febreze Air Effects

Total Brand Media Spend: ~$53M

With Febreze Air Effects planning in Q2 and spending 53% of its ad budget across programmatic, this is a prime opportunity for sellers representing both direct and programmatic offerings.  There are still lots of traditional media seller opportunities with the brand spending 47% of its ad budget directly.

Febreze works with over 500 publishers and is found mostly among Arts & Entertainment and news outlets. Top publishers include Yahoo,, Allrecipes and Your Daily Dish.

Hearts & Science is the AOR for media buying, digital and media planning.

4. Chevy Cruze

Total Brand Media Spend: ~$32M

Chevy Cruze's planning period is in Q2 and Chevy spends 59% of its ad budget across programmatic with the remaining bulk dedicated to direct.

Carat holds the AOR for the account across media buying and media planning, so begin reaching out to the agency to secure revenue dollars.

The brand has executed buys across 3,000+ publishers, mostly within the automotive and news industries.  Top publishers include Kelley Blue Book, ESPN, Motor Trend and Car and Driver.

5.  Buick

Total Brand Media Spend: ~$130M

Another top Q2 planner is Buick.  The brand spends 44% of its annual budget on direct ads, but a majority also gets spent across programmatic (54%).

Carat is also the AOR for media buying and media planning, so be sure to get pitches out sooner rather than later.

The brand has ads heavily displayed among the automotive space and currently has over 2,000 publications altogether.  Top publishers include Kelley Blue Book, CBS Sports, Autotrader and 247Sports.

6. ThermaCare

Total Brand Media Spend: ~$6.2M

With 94% of its ad budget dedicated to programmatic, the possibilities are endless for adtech sellers wanting to work with ThermaCare.

Publications for ThermaCare can mostly be found among news and technology industries.  Top publishers include Verywell, Android Central, Amazon and

7. Ford F-Series

Total Brand Media Spend: ~$80.5M

There is an even opportunity for both traditional media sellers and ad tech sellers with this brand, as Ford F-Series spends 48% of its budget through direct ads and 46% programmatically.

GBT handles the brand's media buying, media planning, multicultural and programmatic.

Publication industries are spread out across just about every industry with about 50% being displayed in areas such as hobbies & interests and sports.  Top publishers include YouTube, NFL, Car and Driver and New York Daily News.

8. Maybelline Facestudio

Total Brand Media Spend: ~$9.5M

Maybelline presents more possible opportunities for traditional media sellers as it spends nearly half of its ad budget through direct advertising with only 6% being spent programmatically.  The agency responsible for media buying and media planning is Wavemaker.

Publishers mostly comprised of those within the hobbies & interest categories (91%) with a small portion going towards arts & entertainment (7%). Top publishers include YouTube, HelloGiggles, Upworthy and Cosmopolitan.

9.  Apple Music

Total Brand Media Spend: ~$32M

Apple spends 87% of its budget across programmatic ads with the remainder 14% being spent across direct and native.

Nearly 99% of publications land placements within the hobbies & interest categories.  Top publishers include YouTube, Adobe, Major League Baseball and The A.V. Club.  Latest publications were seen in The Liberty Project,, and

Feel free to pass this list to your sales teams!  If having access to Adbeat intel combined with verified decision-maker contact info and predictive intelligence could help your sales team win more placements, try out your free trial of Winmo today.

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