No More Galavant-ing Around for CW Star Joshua Sasse

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After gallivanting around much of Europe shooting the ABC musical comedy “Galavant,” star Joshua Sasse is looking forward to sprouting roots in Vancouver for at least six months to work on his new CW series “No Tomorrow.”  For Sasse, a self-confessed “gypsy,” those roots can’t sprout fast enough. “I haven’t been anywhere for longer than nine-months in five years,” he told reporters at the Television Critics Association tour on Thursday.  “A home in London is the base, but the troupe comes with me. My dog comes everywhere and while it’s not ideal, it’s my life and it’s alright.”

Sasse, who first came to the attention of the American television audience with his villainous role in the first season of DirecTV’s Rogue, admits to having enjoyed the Galavant ride while it lasted but is glad it came to a halt. “I don’t miss it,” he admitted. “We did it for those two long years and it was great.  But it is fun to do something new and you don’t ever want to get stagnant. I don’t think it really stretched my acting ability as much as I would have liked.  I work better under pressure. I want to feel I’m getting better at my job and I didn’t necessarily feel I was growing as an actor. But it was fun.”

In The CW’s upcoming romantic comedy No Tomorrow Sasse plays an engaging free-spirit named Xavier intent on making sure Evie (Tori Anderson, pictured at top with Sasse) lives life to its fullest after informing her that the apocalypse will be upon them in eight months and twelve days. When it comes to real-life apocalyptic bucket lists, Sasse, who has a wedding to attend (his engagement to singing superstar Kylie Minogue, whom he met on the set of Galavant, was announced last February) would like nothing more to test his mortality head on.  “I’ve never jumped out of a plane,” he revealed. “I really can’t wait to do that.  A guy just did that without a parachute. I want to build up to that.”

No Tomorrow premieres October 4 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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