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Many shampoo and conditioner advertisers advertise their products together. Logically, this makes sense, right? Well…Media TRAnalytics® users know better, they know The Right Audience™. They know that purchasers that generate the most dollar sales (heavy category purchasers) of both categories do NOT necessarily watch the same programming.

In the chart below, using top rated cable programs for the week of January 17th, 2011, we see that the higher rated cable programs do not have the same Purchaser Rating Points Index (composition) among heavy Shampoo buyers and heavy Conditioner buyers. TRA clients are using Media TRAnalytics® to identify the properties with The Right Audience™ that might not necessarily be a top rated program according to the antiquated age/gender surrogate. Additionally, advertisers that make corporate buys are now allocating their owned inventory to appropriate brands based on purchaser composition. These advertisers are all experiencing an increase in their brand sales!

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