Official 2014/15 Advertising Spending Data & Forecast

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Ad Spending Grows 4.1% in 2014; 2.1% Growth Forecast in 2015. Legacy Ad Spend to Decline -5.1% in 2015.

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MyersBizNet TomorrowToday 2015
Official Marketing / Advertising Spending Data & Forecasts 2014 - 2015
Above the Line Advertising Only
UPDATED 12-15-14  Data reported in 000,000    
"Legacy" refers to revenues generated for traditional non-digital advertising and marketing spend within each category20142015
% Change$% Change$
Above the Line Advertising    
Broadcast Network TV 1.3%19,256-2.7%18,731
Cable/Satellite Network Television 3.3%27,0060.7%27,205
Local & National Spot Broadcast TV9.9%23,080-11.2%20,497
Local/Regional Cable TV (All Platforms)8.1%5,247-7.3%4,865
Broadcast Syndication -3.3%2,287-5.0%2,172
Digital Place-Based Video Media (excl. cinema)1.4%9696.2%1,029
Cinema Advertising (All Platforms)-7.0%7433.5%769
Online Originated Video Content Advertising 68.0%2,30560.0%3,688
Interactive, VOD & Addressable TV Advertising80.0%22980.0%413
Terrestrial Radio -2.1%15,748-1.8%15,460
Internet Originated Audio38.0%1,21935.0%1,646
Newspaper Advertising -5.1%23,417-3.2%22,675
Consumer Magazines Advertising -6.2%15,399-2.5%15,016
Out-of-Home/Place-Based(excl. Cinema & D-OOH-V]0.1%7,6473.3%7,903
Media Directed Social/Promotion/Sponsorships/Native16.0%9,12312.0%10,218
Branded Entertainment/Product Placement5.0%7,5374.0%7,838
Online Originated Display (Banner) Advertising1.3%7,497-6.0%7,047
Mobile & Apps Advertising (incl. Mobile Search)68.0%6,96572.0%11,979
Videogame Advertising/Virtual Currency11.0%1,77712.0%1,990
Total Above-the-Line Advertising 4.1%$177,4512.1%$181,141

MyersBizNet is releasing its 2014 legacy and digital advertising spending data for 19 media categories, estimating 4.1% growth in total ad spending for 2014, declining to 2.1% growth in 2015. Excluding digital media, MyersBizNet estimates advertising spend would have increased only 0.5% in 2014 with declines of -4.0% projected for 2015. Further exclusion of social and native advertising results in a 2014 downturn of -0.4% and -5.1% in 2015. MyersBizNet members will be receiving the full detailed report this week via e-mail and it is available HERE. We will be highlighting specific media category forecasts in future members-only reports.

The MyersBizNet data is unique among forecasters in its reporting of both legacy and digital ad spending with television, print, out-of-home and radio media. Broadcast network television legacy ad spending, for example, is estimated to have declined -0.6% in 2014, while digital ad spending with broadcast networks increased 22.0%, resulting in an overall increase of 1.3%, for a total $19.256 billion. Other leading forecasters and analysts typically measure only legacy ad spending, resulting in a significant under-reporting of actual spending in each media category.

Cable television networks generated 3.3% increases in 2014, reflecting 2.6% growth in legacy spending and 20% gains in digital ad spend. Network cable growth is forecast by MyersBizNet to slow considerably in 2015, with overall ad spending increases of only 0.7%, including 30% gains in cable network digital ad spend and a decline in cable network legacy ad spend of -0.8%.

Both newspaper and consumer magazine advertising declined significantly in 2014 but MyersBizNet forecasts that declines will slow in 2015, with both media offsetting some declines with 15.0% and 24.0% growth respectively in digital ad spend. Legacy newspaper advertising is estimated to have declined -9.0% in 2014 with consumer magazines' legacy ad spend declining -9.2%. Overall newspaper ad spending shrunk by -5.1% and magazines by -6.2%. In 2015, total newspaper ad spend is projected to decline -3.2% and magazines by -2.7%. This slowdown in a difficult year for advertising overall suggests that digital advertising growth, and especially digital video advertising, is growing at the expense of television.

MyersBizNet estimates online originated video content advertising grew 68.0% in 2014 and will increase another 60.0% to $3.7 billion in 2015. Online originated display advertising is estimated at $7.5 billion in 2014, reflecting 1.3% growth, with declines of 6.0% forecast for 2015. Mobile advertising grew 68% in 2014 to nearly $7.0 billion with 72.0% mobile advertising growth forecast for 2015.

According to the MyersBizNet report, radio advertising (legacy and digital) declined -2.1% in 2014 and is forecast to decline -1.8% in 2015. Out-of-home/place-based advertising (excluding digital place-based video and cinema) grew 0.1% in 2014 and is forecast to increase 3.3% next year.

Other media categories included in the MyersBizNet data include national and local spot television, local/regional cable TV, national broadcast syndication, digital place-based video, cinema, interactive/VOD/addressable advertising, internet originated audio, media directed social/promotion/sponsorships/native, branded entertainment/product placement, and videogame advertising. This data includes political, Olympics and World Cup spending.

MyersBizNet applies primary research and 20-years of market insights to the aggregated averages of data and forecasts provided by multiple analysts, media companies and agency forecasters. Our forecasts are based primarily on proprietary market intelligence. The full MyersBizNet data and forecasts includes historic data to 2000 and forward-looking forecasts to 2020. The report also includes Hispanic media and ten below-the-line promotion and shopper marketing categories.

Total below-the-line advertising is estimated to decline -3.0% in 2014 and 2.3% in 2015.

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