The answer to Friday's Trivia Question: That was STARSKY & HUTCH's Ford Gran Torino on Friday

FIRST FIVES: Andrew Werts, Lance Beitler, Bobby Aguilera & Bob Kaplan

Side note, nobody got all the shows and all the cars right, so no super-secret prize...I'll save that for the winner of the EMMY's contest

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5Kristy Carruba




TWO & A HALF MEN-CBS 2.0/6.7


Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5





GLEE (KF)-FOX 26,872

Thursday's Cable Top 5


SUITS-USA 1.2/3.8

AMERICAN DAD-Adult Swim 1.1/2.8



Thursday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

PROJECT RUNWAY-Lifetime 74,639


LA HAIR-WE 28,369



Friday's Broadcast Top 5


20/20-ABC .9/3.2



CSI-CBS .5/2.7

Friday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5




ABISMO DE PASION-Univision 4,349

CSI NY-CBS 2,964

Friday's Cable Top 5


Friday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

WWE-Syfy 48,547




LOST GIRL-Syfy 14,370


  • Was Joe drunk or has he been taking yelling lessons from Dan
  • Shane flips right back to Danielle once Jojo is gone and Danielle is such an idiot she goes right back into his arms
  • I would never wear shoes in the BIG BROTHER house...why are they all wearing boots and shoes?Big+Brother
  • Most annoying sentence of BB..."who wants to see my HOH room???" Does anyone really want to see anyone's room? Nooooooo!!!
  • Carmen Elektra dreams really? Shane, if you need people to dream about, I can give you a few better ideas instead of Carmen Elektra
  • Seriously...whose brain is smaller? Ashley's or Theresa Giudice?
  • Coaches competition-Adult Baby New Year Boogie wins booty scooty and Brittany has to choose 2 people who have to eat slop, she chooses Ian and Joe...Ian volunteers...Adult Baby New Year Boogie loses "Let's get Hippy" but he wins 10G's that he has to 6K to himself, 3K to Ian and Jen gets 1K. Ian starts to cry. Dan the Yeller against Skatty Janelle in the final "Tongue Trainer Elite" competition. All I can say is I feel bad for Dan's wife and Janelle's husband is a lucky guy. Janelle win's the coach's competition but Dan did get a Sushi party and has to pick 5 peeps to party with. So he chose the coaches so that they can't cut deals with players you know the keep your friends close and your enemies closer thing. He also chose Shane the current HOH, and Danielle the only player he has left. Janelle decides to save Wil with one L and not trade a player.
  • Have nots got cereal and salmon-that's not so bad, I could eat cereal for a week.
  • I voted to let the coaches back into the game.
  • Shane nominates Joe and Ashley...STUPID move Shane...OYYYYY Ashley's hysterical as the credits role.

-Sunday nights are brutal, but Sunday nights at 10pm are just ridiculous...I really think network executives need to look at this a bit. At 10pm last night, I had to choose between the following: YANKEES/REDSOX, OLYMPICS, BREAKING BAD, REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, NEWSROOM, WEEDS & EPISODES. Those are just the shows I watch, but FALLING SKIES and POLITICAL ANIMALS also air at 10pm...that is an impressive hour of television. Now, I'm lucky because I have 8 TiVo's in my house, but what is the regular person supposed to do here? I chose BREAKING BAD on my iPad at 10pm (which was awesome BTW) but watched the Women's Gymnastics at the same time on the big screen. Now, I have an incredible amount of catch up to do tonight, but network it out! PLEASE! It will probably be benefit all of us if you do! 

-More people watched the OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONIES on Friday night than ever before. 40.7 million people tuned in to see the amazing spectacle. Some highlights, Queen Elizabeth and James Bond, fireworks like I have never seen before, an amazing torch lighting, the LED lighting throughout the stadium, the USA teams entrance, the British teams entrance, Sir Paul McCartney's performance and the fact that it appeared nobody knew the words to "Hey Jude". Well done Danny Boyle.2012+London+Olympics

Some other notes on the OLYMPICS so far: -The weekend's events sort of sucked...why? Because between Facebook, Twitter, every news outlet, my smartphone, the TV and the internet, I basically knew the results of everything that happened way before I saw it in Primetime. Why do I need to watch it in primetime at all? The hype of the first swim meet between Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps was really for nothing since we all knew that Lochte won before the Primetime coverage even began. Honestly, this could be a huge problem for me, and viewers in general...if we can check it out online during the day LIVE, why in the world would I jeopardize my other Primetime viewing? (yes there are some other things out there to watch). -Another thing about the Olympics that I don't understand...the Olympic flame is INSIDE the stadium. Isn't that a HUGE mistake? Only people who can get inside the stadium can see the flame? I thought maybe it was going to rise and go to the top of the stadium or something, but's still in there for NOBODY but the very special to see. I would have to think that's gonna piss a lot of people off. 

-The women's gymnastics all-around competition was intense last night, the US World Champion, Jordyn Wieber, not to be confused with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, did not qualify for the all-around competition at all. So awkward to see Alexandra Raisman happy and shocked that she made the all-around competition and yet steps away, the favorite, Jordyn Wieber was in tears. Intense stuff. -Lastly, I am loving a lot of the Olympic themed commercials. With all the hype behind SUPERBOWL commercials, they have nothing over all of these amazing Olympic spots. A lot of advertisers have really stepped up to the plate with spots that really convey the Olympic spirit, the essence of athletes, the sacrifice to compete, and what it all means to represent our country. It's nice to know that the talent and creativity is out there, we just need to see it more often than in special events. Here is one of my favorites so far:

-The adult actors of MODERN FAMILY got their raise...a pretty good one if you ask me, they went from making $65,000 per episode to making $175,000 per episode or 1.4 Million bucks a seasonModern+Family to 3.8 million bucks per season. So the network can breathe easy right? Wrong, now...the kids want more money too. So they too are "negotiating" for more, but it doesn't look like they'll play hard ball to the degree the adults did. I'm sure they'll get more dough though. What's interesting is that Manny, Alex and Luke will be negotiating together since they all currently make the same salary and Hailey will be negotiating separately since she currently makes more than her younger co-stars.

-I'm one of those people that is just as happy with a gorgeous sunny day as I am with a crappy rainy day, and this Saturday I was actually relieved to stay home and "binge view" the rest of season 4 and the first two episodes of season 5 of BREAKING BAD...I completely caught up. What a show...BREAKING BAD is amazing television and I would even argue that it is one of the best dramas of all time. I again need to thank Brett Blattman for his relentlessness in getting me to give it a shot. So now that I'm all caught up, I realized that the final episode of the final season doesn't air until next Summer, so it was a huge hurry up and wait thing, but well worth it. I would rather prolong the ending of this amazing show as long as possible.

-DANCING WITH THE STARS announced 12 of the 13 All-Stars that will be returning to compete for the mirrored ball this Fall. The 13th star will be determined by America. You can go online right now to vote between Sabrina Bryan, Carson Kressley & Kyle Massey at I don't know who Sabrina or Kyle are so if I were to vote, which I'm not, I would choose Carson Kressley since he's the only one I know. I'm sure the list below excites all of you DWTS fans, but it does nothing for me at all.

Kirstie Alley-second place during season 12

Pamela Anderson-just a pretty face in a pretty costume

Helio Castroneves-winner of season 6Dancing+with+the+Stars

Joey Fatone-second place during season 4

Shawn Johnson-winner of season 7

Drew Lachey-winner of season 2

Gilles Marini-second place during season 7

Kelly Monaco-winner of season 1

Apolo Anton Ohno-winner of season 4

Bristol Palin-third place season 11

Melissa Rycroft-3rd place season 7

Emmitt Smith-winner of season 3


The TELEVISION CRITICS AWARDS were given out over the weekend resulting in the following:

Individual Achievement in Drama: Claire Danes ("Homeland," Showtime) Yeah, I'm glad she won this...she was amazing

Individual Achievement in Comedy: Louis C.K. ("Louie," FX)

Outstanding Achievement in News and Information: "60 Minutes" (CBS)

Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming: "So You Think You Can Dance" (Fox)

Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming: "Switched At Birth" (ABC Family)

Outstanding New Program: "Homeland" (Showtime)

Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials: "Masterpiece: Downton Abbey" (PBS)

Outstanding Achievement in Drama: "Breaking Bad" (AMC) Yeah!

Outstanding Achievement in Comedy: "Louie" (FX)

Career Achievement Award: David Letterman

Heritage Award: "Cheers"

Program of the Year: "Game of Thrones" (HBO) I'm good with this

-According to comScore, a "Great American Smartphone Migration," took place between February and April of 2012, as 47.5% of feature phone owners in the US who "acquired" a new phone during this time made the switch to a smartphone -- a 9.5% increase from the previous year. Among this group of first-time smartphone owners, 61.5% selected Android-powered devices, while 25.2% chose iPhones, 7.1% opted for smartphones running on Microsoft's Windows platform, and 4.8% decided RIM was the way to go. Compare this to the market share among existing smartphone owners who acquired a new smartphone during the same three-month period, which according to comScore stands at 54.2% for Android devices, 33.5% for the iPhone, 9.6% for RIM, and 3.0% for Microsoft. More than anything else, it appears that RIM is having trouble in attracting new subscribers while Microsoft may be on the up and up as it looks to carve out a significant space in the mobile smartphone market. Hoping for my sake a lot of those upgraders were Verizon customers!

-I don't watch HOT IN CLEVELAND, but I may tune in and re-check it out since hearing the news that Heather Locklear, who has been a hot mess recently, is joining the show for a Season 4 storyline.Hether+Locklear Could get interesting right? She's been keeping a low profile since all of her troubles, so it could be fun to check her out when the show airs. I feel like shows have always brought her in to "save the day" in the past, but this time it may be the show that saves her in a way.

-As you guys know, the NFL has decided to push the 4pm game on Sunday's back to 4:25pm this season. So of course this will definitely affect primetime TV. To keep ratings up and insure everyone knows when 60 MINUTES, THE GOOD WIFE and all of the other Sunday night shows will begin, CBS is planning on countdown clocks, and SMS messaging to make sure viewers know exactly when to tune in.

Monday's Olympic Trivia Question: What do the 5 Olympic rings represent?

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