The answer to Friday's Trivia Question: Oz, Larry Sanders, Big Love and Entourage were all HBO shows.

FIRST FIVES : Caryn Vitolo, Monica Caraffa, Priscilla Paez, Heather Sparks, & Jim Carter

Honorable Mention : Dan Realson

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5

The Big Bang Theory-CBS 3.3/10.8
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 3.1/11.4
American Idol-FOX 3.0/12.4
2 Broke Girls-CBS 2.2/7.7
Glee-FOX 2.1/6.1 Kristy Carruba

Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

American Idol-FOX 248,424
The Vampire Diaries-CW 166,318
Glee-FOX 134,153
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 52,399
Hannibal-NBC 45,555

Thursday's Cable Top 5

Swamp People-History 1.5/4.4
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.3/2.7
American Dad-Adult Swim 1.0/2.3
Ridiculousness-MTV .9/1.8
Men At Work-TBS .9/1.8

Thursday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

Project Runway-Lifetime 56,403
Ridiculousness-MTV 35,233
Piers Morgan Live-CNN 23,818
Impact Wrestling-Spike 21,382
The Moment-USA 17,956

Friday's Broadcast Top 5

With everything happening with the capture of the Boston Marathon Bomber, numbers are still unavailable.

Friday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
Grimm-NBC 25,562
Nikita-CW 18,984
Shark Tank-ABC 17,778
Rock Center with Brian Williams-NBC 16,642
Fashion Star-NBC 13,563

Friday's Cable Top 5


Friday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

WWE Smackdown-Syfy 70,253

Piers Morgan-CNN 35,658

Anderson Cooper-CNN 32,331

Ghost Adventures-Travel 24,062

NHL Hockey-NBC Sports 21,194

Once Upon a Time
When Regina found out that Rumple/Gold is Henry's grandson, she was PISSED and you know what that means on Once Upon a Time...revenge! Regina went to the hospital and turned Belle into Lacey the bar slut. When RG found out what was going on he went to Regina and learned that once again, only true loves kiss will break the spell on Lacey. So RG went about trying to "woo" her. Apparently, "woo-ing" isn't really Lacey's thing. Lacey likes a bad boy and got turned on watching RG beat the crap out of someone. Just goes to show you that Belle really did love RG...even his dark side. Anton the Giants not so giant at the moment thanks to Cora's spell. He was working on the magic bean crop which was supposedly "cloaked" by the nun, but Regina found the beans pretty easily and who knows what she'll do now that she knows about it. Snow, her eyebrows and Eric brought Emma to the bean farm and told her about their plan to hopefully go back to The Enchanted Forest, but Emma's not that into the idea at all. Robin Hood finally came into the picture and Hook's also back in Storybrooke too. Greg and Neil's fiancé haven't made any headway in finding Greg's dad, but it's only a matter of time. Nice to have OUAT back on Sunday's at 8pm

Nurse Jackie

At 9pm I had a choice...Nurse Jackie or Game of Thrones. My brain was already sort of tired and I thought I'd actually postpone GOT for something easier to watch. While Nurse Jackie was easier, it wasn't exactly light and fun. On Jackie's birthday, her ex was suing her for full custody and wouldn't let her see her kids. One of the patients she had a soft spot for came down with Sepsis due to the new and nasty Dr. Roman's misdiagnosis. O'Hara's in England and Zoey's now the hygiene Nazi. Jackie seemed to be losin it, so she headed to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting but didn't share with the group and split before the end. She talks Charlie, her dead bud from rehab, who obviously can't help her much, but he seems to be a great listener. Acalitas was acting very strange forgetting all sorts of important things. I'm already predicting a brain tumor or something. Coop was pissed that the brand new doctor in the building got the Chief ER gig over him. Jackie told him to "Man the F up" if he wants some respect. I do feel bad for Coop especially now with the horrible Dr. Roman screwing with him and everyone else. During the last few depressing moments of the show, Eddie showed up to surprise Jackie after work, but she blew him off just as the horse and carriage dude rolled up to the hospital. Poor Eddie, he still loves Jackie. Finally a happy moment...I thought...Zoey showed up with a cake, piñata, Jackie's daughters and O'Hara via Skype. Yeah, finally a nice light moment... but nooooo, they can't let her have that. So when Grace took her turn on the piñata, she let that thing have it and went mental beating it to pieces. Things need to turn around. Can Jackie have just one nice day guys? Please?

What Would Ryan Lochte Do?
I have no idea why I thought I would like WWRLD and I'm not really sure what I expected, but I can tell you that I won't be watching this one again. I know we all fell for Ryan during the Olympics, but he's an idiot. He's not real bright, his friends and family aren't that interesting. He calls his friends his "Lochterage" and everything is part of the "Lochtenation". Sure he trains 5 days a week, but when he isn't training, he's drinking beer, hitting on every girl he can and trying to coin the word "Jeah". No idea where the $200K blingy watch came from as he appears to be living in a pretty blah apartment with his brother Devon. In this episode, he bowled with his family, looked up the definition of the word dooshbag, and couldn't seem to remember how many medals he won during the Olympics. The bad news is, this show sucked and I wasted 30 minutes of my precious Sunday night, but the good news is, next week will be a bit easier since this show isn't getting a season pass from me. What Would Kristy Carruba Do? She wouldn't watch this show again.

Married to Jonas
Gotta say, make fun of me all you want, but I love me some Married to Jonas. Actually, Married to Jonas is really more about Kevin's wife Dani and her family. As the season opened, Dani's parents sold their house and were building a new one, so they had to move in with Kevin and Dani. Dani's a neat freak if you remember correctly, so I sense some problems ahead. Also...big difference this season vs. last season. I think Dani got her meds straightened out. She seemed happy, confident and even ready to make a move to Manhattan. Kevin took her shopping at Kate Spade where we not only learned that Kate now makes yo-yo's but also that Kevin's pretty talented with a yo-yo. Now that I know he can Walk the Dog, go Around the World and Rock the Baby, I love him even more. When they were done at Kate Spade, Dani and her sisters headed to the Benefit store where Michael, Dani's brother, had some eyebrow mapping done. Gotta say...he looked much better after his manscaping. Kevin and Dani looked at some pretty sweet apartments in NYC. If they do actually move to the city, her family's not going to be happy. Her sister Dina's already freaking out about it and it's just talk at this point. Brother Michael announced he's moving back to LA which didn't help matters, so I sense Dina having a breakdown soon. While I really do believe that Kevin is straight and loves Dani, he is really a pretty effeminate guy. Between the hair, the clothes, the way he throws around phrases like "easy breezy" and really is sort of funny. Whatever his deal, I love the guy. The Jo Bro's new song's pretty catchy in a bubble gummy sort of way. Check out the video!

Spoiled Rotten Pets

I needed to watch the first two episodes of Spoiled Rotten Pets on Nat Geo out of loyalty to Howard Stern. I support him, his staff and his wife in anything they do. Howard's wife Beth, a known animal lover, is the host of this one. Beth goes all over the place to bring viewers stories about pet owners that do some crazy things with, and for, their pets. This week we met a couple who let their huge pigs roam their home and sleep in their bed. We learned that there is a group in NYC called the "Pup Scouts" and a woman who has her dogs paw read by "pawreader" Madret. There was a reptile guy with over 100 reptiles in his basement and a couple that raise champion ferrets. If you're an animal lover, or even just an animal liker, this is a cute show to watch with the family. Like Howard, Beth asks the pet owners the questions I'd want to know, like what size poop does a pig make? She also does some pretty crazy things that I know Howard had to be cringing about ,like kissing a pig on the lips and eating animal food, but that's what why the shows enjoyable, because Beth isn't just eye candy, she's really into it and it shows.


This weeks Tanked was an improvement over the past few. No contrived storyline at all, at least I don't think so. It's totally believable that any husband, including Wayde, wouldn't notice that his wife got braces, and that the gang at ATM would bet on how long it would take him to notice them. (2 days) The two tanks commissioned this week were for a store called Rocket Fizz that specializes in nostalgic sweets and specialized sodas like bacon, peanut butter and cinnamon flavors. The other was an outdoor tank for a vineyard in Malibu. Of course both were pretty cool, but the rocket ship was pretty special. The ATM team was able to include a countdown button with smoke simulating blast off. Really cool.

It's a shame it's been cancelled and banished to Saturday night...the last 2 weeks have been pretty good episodes...just thought I'd mention it.


-Glee has been renewed for not 1 but 2 more seasons. No idea who will stick around, or who will lead the Glee Club for the next year (as we've seen, it pretty much runs itself at this point) but that's not my problem its Ryan Murphy's to sort out. I personally feel like the show has jumped the shark at this point, but I still watch and occasionally a great episode is spit out, but it wouldn't have surprised me AT ALL if the show had been cancelled. I sort of wish it was.

-Speaking of Glee, on Saturday night, my husband and I went to the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. (Yes, my husband is a SAINT!) Prior to announcing the winners (the Nor'easters of Northeastern University which was totally BOGUS) they announced that they had just signed a deal with the folks from American Idol for a show based on the ICCA competition. My timing was impeccable! I just so happened to be there at the right time! I think it could be pretty good actually. The 8 finalists we saw were truly AMAZING and if done right it could be good TV.

-Next Saturday Night, E! will be covering the Red Carpet for the White House Correspondents Dinner for the first time ever, they will also have highlights from the event. Gotta say, if I don't have anything else going on...I'm watching!

-You know a show is BAD when NBC cancels it. Of course Ready for Love went against my viewing rules, so I don't even care, but the show has officially been pulled from the lineup and Grimm will be replacing it. Eva Longoria produced this one and Giuliana/Olive Oyl hosted. Buh bye guys.

-The GLAAD Awards were given out on Saturday night. The New Normal took home the Outstanding Comedy Series Award. American Horror Story: Asylum won Outstanding TV Movie or Mini Series, and Days of our Lives won Outstanding Daily Drama.

Monday's Trivia Question:
Movie: Animal House, TV Show: The Following Name the Actor

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