The answer to Friday's Trivia Question: Nathan & Hailey=One Tree Hill, Donna & David=Beverly Hills 90210 and Monica & Chandler=Friends

FIRST FIVES : Bobby Aguilera, Karen Hadley, Ed Ziskind, Candace Gorin & Katie McCartney

Honorable Mention : Caryn Vitolo

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5

The Big Bang Theory-CBS 4.5/15.7
Two and a Half Men-CBS 3.3/12.4
American Idol-FOX 3.0/11.6
Person of Interest-CBS 2.9/14.5
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 2.6/8.0

Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

American Idol-FOX 259,512 Kristy Carruba
The Vampire Diaries-CW 169,315
Glee-FOX 155,538
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 86,133
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 755,705

Thursday's Cable Top 5

Swamp People-History 1.6/4.2
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.3/3.1
American Dad-Adult Swim 1.1/2.4
NCIS-USA .9/3.0
Big Rig Bounty Hunters-History .8/2.2

Thursday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

The First 48-A&E 350.925
NBA Basketball-TNT 148,496
NBA Basketball-TNT 95,482
The Walking Dead-AMC 84,054
Comic Book Men-AMC 43,721

Friday's Broadcast Top 5

Blue Bloods-CBS 1.7/11.0
Shark Tank-ABC 1.6/5.6
20/20-ABC 1.4/5.7
Grimm-NBC 1.4/4.8
Undercover Boss-CBS 1.3/6.5

Friday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
Grimm-NBC 24,282
Nikita-CW 10,761
Fashion Star-NBC 9,389
Blue Bloods-CBS 6,347
Cult-CW 6,162

Friday's Cable Top 5


Friday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
WWE Smackdown-Syfy 73,875
NBA Basketball-NBA TV 61,597
The Wizards Return-Disney 21,392
Degrassi-TeenNick 18,759
Spartacus-Starz 18,442

Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time was divided into two halves last night, 1983 and present day. Within 1983 there was some sort of Groundhog Day thing going on that I didn't understand but I don't do well with time travel in general. That's why I gave up on Lost, but that's another story. Anyway in 1983 Curt Flynn and his son Owen, accidentally ended up in Storybrooke and Regina took a liking to them both and wanted them to stay put. Regina seems to have a weird obsession with young boys doesn't she? Curt started to sense something was weird and saw Regina talking to the Sheriff's heart and quickly bolted. Sheriff Ashton Kutscher, ran him down and arrested him. Curt told Owen to take his lanyard and run and that's what he did. He ran to the cops and brought them back to the town line and of course they told him there was no such place as Storybrooke. Owen swore he would never stop looking for Curt.

In present day Storybrooke, Regina's still out to make Snow and her eyebrows pay for killing her Mom. She wants her dead but as everyone continued to remind her, if she kills Snow, Henry will never forgive her. In a fit of rage she found a curse in her Mom's old dress that will get someone to love you even if it isn't real. She was going to use it on Henry but he went running into the woods. The stranger that was in the hospital for the past few weeks, bumped into him and for some odd reason called Regina. Regina, Emma, Gold and Neil all met up in the woods and in the big showdown, Regina burned the curse. Snow couldn't take it anymore so she went to Regina's house and begged her to kill her and put her out of her misery. Regina ripped her heart out but it now has a dark spot which made Regina very happy because it meant that Snow and her eyebrows will continue to grow darker and darker which is better than death. This was such good news that she put Snow's heart back in her body with hopes that she'll live in misery. I assumed the credits would roll right then and there, but noooooo. The stranger dude from the hospital/woods was videotaping the entire magical thing. It turns out...he IS Owen! And he is back for his Dad and to blow the lid off of Storybrooke.

Couple of side notes: During dinner, Curt and Owen told Regina they were from "NJ Home of the Boss". She had no idea who "The Boss" was. Ya had to be there. It was funny. Owen gave Regina a lanyard and all I thought about was all the lanyards I had or still have in a draw somewhere and have no idea what to do with them or what anyone ever did do with them. What is the purpose of lanyard? When Gold saw Cora's box of evil magic ingredients, how in the world did he know which 2 were missing? That was a little bit of a stretch.

It always amazes me how people on TV can put together a party or fundraiser in what seems like a day when anyone that has ever planned a birthday party, wedding, or Bar Mitzvah knows that this is pretty much impossible. Well, on Revenge, the Grayson's are masters...they set up a fake charity to honor Amanda Clarke, put together a fundraiser and raised 5 million bucks in one episode. Of course it wasn't out of the goodness of their hearts, it was really because they needed the dough and when Daniel found out, he was so pissed that he seemed to let his British accent slip out. Eli, Emily's "Fo Bro" not only showed up and posed as a rare book broker, but he convinced Victoria that he was worthy of co-chairing the foundation in a day. Not sure if it was to piss off Emily or to make amends with Charlotte, but either way it's truly a ridiculous move. Nobody would ever believe Victoria would even consider letting in a complete stranger. Makes no sense whatsoever. Emily heard about the charity and wanted the co-chair spot but even with a donation of 250K she couldn't get the gig. She also gave Eli 100K to leave town, but he passed that on to Victoria and the foundation as his donation. So Em's out 350K in an episode. Nolan in 10 seconds flat with his super-secret Carrion software tried hacking into the Grayson's computer system to find out info on what they are up to, but instead found that the rockstar of the hacking world, someone called Falcon, got there first and apparently is way better at coding than Nolan. So the next big thing...who is Falcon?

Finally, the season finale of Girls on HBO. Thank god I'm done with this freaking show. The 23 minutes couldn't go fast enough for me. Hannah was in complete self-destruction mode, counting, eating Cool Whip, and cutting off her hair, but somehow she managed to do what I haven't been able to...Face Time someone on her IPhone. (Obviously it's not that important to me or I'd have figured it out) In her case, it was Adam she reached out to in the midst of her mania. He had just gotten done having the most normal sex he's ever had, with the hot chick from Life Unexpected and then demolished his apartment because of it. Right away he saw that Hannah was a mess and I guess she told him about her OCD issues when they were dating, so he went running through the streets, into the subway, to her apartment, broke down her door picked her up like Richard Gere and Debra Winger in Officer and a Gentleman and made out with her. They're both so figures this is how it would end up. He's her hero? WTF? Marnie ended up with Charlie after all. I guess between his new found money and the demonstration of his new skill set down below, she realized he was THE ONE. Shosh broke up with Ray even though he was going to run the new Brooklyn Heights Grumpy's. Yeah! It's over. Sorry Lena, I just hate Girls. I hate it.


-I'm sure it's old at this point and all of you have seen it, but my FBFF, Jimmy and his bud Justin knocked it out of the park with History of Rap 4 on Friday night. If you've been under a rock or in a St. Patrick's Day stupor all weekend, here it is for your enjoyment and convenience. Just as good (if not better) than the previous chapters:

-To celebrate March Madness let's start off with this...March Mad Men...check it out:

-And to prepare for the premiere of Game of Thrones on 3/31/13, my favorite promo so far (and there are a LOT of them!):

-Saturday Night Live (Or Sunday Morning DVRed, to me) with Justin Timberlake last weekend delivered the shows highest national numbers in 14 months against RA18-49. The show averaged a 3.4 with 8.4 million viewers checking out JT and the Five Timers Club. I'm sure it's also doing great on Hulu, but I can't seem to find any numbers on that anywhere.

-Sorry to have to be the one to tell you guys this, but for all of you Bachelor and Bachelorette fans who enjoy the Summer series, Bachelor's not happening this year. At least that's what I saw yesterday. If anyone from ABC knows anything different, please let me know. I never like to spread rumors, but it seemed to have been confirmed yesterday.

-2 big premieres tonight, Bates Motel and Dancing with the Stars. I'm not watching either one of them, let me know if you guys are though. As always I love to know what people are watching. I can't purely go off of Nielsen and Trendrr...

-How many of these do you have on your IPad?


Monday's Trivia Question:
Yesterday was selection Sunday for the NCAA March Madness tournament. What 2 teams played in the finals last year? Who won?

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