The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: Teri Bauer was Jack Bauer of 24's wife.

FIRST FIVES : Bobby Aguilera, Samantha Baril, Lance Beitler, Justin Jones, & Megan Quirk

Honorable Mention: Dani Jackel

Monday's Cable Top 5
BCS Championship-ESPN 9.2/26.3
WWE-USA 1.8/4.6
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.5/3.3
Catfish-MTV 1.4/2.5
Love and Hip Hop-VH1 1.3/2.6 Kristy Carruba

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
NCIS-CBS 3.5/20.8
NCIS LA-CBS 3.0/17.7
New Girl-FOX 2.0/3.8
Parenthood-NBC 1.9/5.2
Betty White's Off Your Rocker-NBC 1.8/6.1

Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

NCIS-CBS 56,860
New Girl-FOX 45,987
NCIS LA-CBS 32,638
Private Practice-ABC 24,546
Go On-NBC 21,911

Tuesday's Cable Top 5

The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.8/3.7
FX Movie-FX 1.6/3.6
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 1.4/3.2
Justified-FX 1.3/3.5
Hardcore Pawn-Tru 1.1/3.0

Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 1,428,003
NBA Basketball-NBA 368,320
Dance Moms-Lifetime 93,236
The Lying Game-ABC Family 90,597
Piers Morgan-CNN 83,976

How'd Jimmy Kimmel do you ask? How do you think he did? He won...but it's just the beginning of the battle. Here are the numbers for night number 1.

Household (Based on 56 metered markets)

RA 18-49 (Based on 25 Local People Meter Markets)
Kimmel- 1.0
Letterman .6

I just HAD to check out Stars in Danger: The High Dive. I mean c'mon of course I did. Stars in bathing suits, diving. Holy cow, just the introductions alone are worth tuning in for. The "stars" came out in robes and then revealed their bodies to all of America. All the judges are people we've never heard of but are "A" listers in the diving world and we never saw them at all throughout the competition, just their scores. There were 3 hosts. 2 analysts who thought every single dive was Stars+in+Danger"fantastic" and then one horrific woman with a terrible smokers voice who chatted with the "stars" as the exited the water. No towels throughout the entire show which was really weird. I'm not kidding, no towels! Just wet freezing pseudo celebrities. Terrell Owens was first up. He's ripped! T.O had zero diving experience and he did okay. I can't believe these people subjected themselves to this insanity. Next up, the Soul Surfer, Bethenny Hamilton. She's the chick that lost her arm to a shark, remember? I couldn't believe what she was able to do and remember, she only has one arm! David Chokachi the former Baywatch dude cut up his face and got a black eye training for his dive, but the training paid off and he did a great job. Antonio Sabato Jr. was all banged up and bruised also, but the guy sure looks good in a Speedo. Crazy Kim RIchards looked surprisingly good in her bathing suit and seemed somewhat stable. Kyle Richards also competed. Both Kim and Kyle wore full eye makeup as they dove into the water and none of it seemed to vanish in the pool. How is that even possible?
I had no idea who Twitch was, but he's apparently from So You Think You Can Dance. He was pretty good. JWoww supposedly got hurt and couldn't even compete. I didn't believe her story. Her alternate, another former Baywatcher, Alexander Paul, who had crazy eyes, had the top scoring dive of the night and the most bruised legs. In the next round the "stars" worked as teams and did a synchronized dive. Alexandra Paul won the first round, Bethenny and Twitch won the second and Antonio Sabato Jr. won the finals. I think this was a one-time special and not a weekly thing, but I could be wrong.

On Guys with Kids, Tempest Bledsoe's hairdo was driving me nuts. She looked like her head had wings and she could lift off like Sister Patril on the Flying Nun. (I'm sure I just dated myself with that reference...I wonder how many people got that one.) I really do like Guys with Kids...a lot, but I amGuys+with+Kids sick of Sheila being with Chris ALL the time. She's annoying and while they do have joint custody of their kid, they're together way too much for a divorced couple. Even Nick and Emily commented on this and tried to fix Chris up on not one but two blind dates. Needless to say neither date was a success and then he was back with Sheila. Enough Sheila! Please cut her screen time back a bit. If I was BFF's with executive producer, Jimmy Fallon, I'd give him my "notes" on this episode and hope he listen.

Another person getting too much screen time...Lily on Modern Family. I know I sound like a broken record, but I just can't even deal with the fact that the writers and the director allow Lily to speak at all. It's like taking a Sharpie to a Picasso (Does that analogy even make sense? I think so actually.) Okay, enough complaining. This was a near perfect episode, Jay took all the adults to Palm Springs for New Years Eve, but none of them wanted to hang out together, so the first chance they could get to make a break they did. Clair and Phil looked for a place to have sex, Mitch and Cam went to a gay bar and Jay hooked up with Billy D. Williams and Lainee Kazan for some poker. Haley and Alex were home watching over Luke and Lily. Actually they were watching Luke and ignoring Lily. I would too she's ultra-annoying. Oops there I go again, sorry. Anyway, there were a ton of classic lines, but I liked Cam's when referring to Claire always telling the same story..."Claire's like a ranch second story".


The Academy Award Nominations are out! Here are the important ones:

Best Supporting Actress - SallyField/Lincoln, Ann Hathaway/Les Miserable, Jackie Weaver/Silver Linings Playbook, Helen Hunt/The Sessions, Amy Adams/The Master
Best Supporting Actor- Christof Waltz/Django Unchained, Philip Seymore Hoffman/The Master, Robert DeNiro/Silver Linings Playbook, Alan Arkin/Argo, Tommy Lee Jones/Lincoln
Best Actress Jessica Chastain/Zero Dark Thirty, Naomi Watts/The Impossible, Jennifer Lawerence/Silver Linings Playbook, Emmanuelle Riva/Amour, Quevenzen Wallis/Beasts of the Southern Wild
Best Actor Bradley Cooper/Silver Linings Playbook, Daniel Day Lewis/Lincoln, Denzel Washington/Flight, Hugh Jackman/Les Miserables, Joaquin Pheonix/The Master
Best Director Ang Lee/ Life of Pi, Steven Spielberg/Lincoln, David O Russel/Silver Linings Playbook, Michael Hanika/Amour Benh Zeitlin/Beasts of the the Southern Wild
Best Picture- Beasts of the Southern Wild, Argo, Lincoln, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty, Silver Linings Playbook,Les Miserable, Amour, Django Unchained

-I've never seen Justified, and again, I'll probably regret saying this, but I doubt I would like it. I'm DEFINITELY not into westerns, horses, etc. so I didn't watch the premiere, but quite a few people did. The show delivered 3.5 million viewers and a 1.3 RA18-49. Who out there watches this one? Should I put this on my list of shows to devour when I have a free minute? Let me know.

-Cougar Town's premiere also did pretty well over on TBS. 2.2 million viewers toasted their glasses to Jules and the gang (myself included) which helped deliver a 1.1 RA18-49. I'm happy for Bill Lawrence, his lovely wife Christa, Courtney, Busy, Josh and rest of the cast. This show got bounced all over the place with hardly any support over at ABC. Thanks for giving the show a new life TBS.

-Any soap fans still out there? Days of Our Lives got another year. NBC renewed it through the end of 2014. Are Patch and Kayla still on that show or Bo and Hope?

-I'm a big time Pandora fan. I listen to it all day long when I'm at work and when I'm cooking on Sunday's (Yes! I cook too!) Anyway, I was pretty interested in their revenue...take a look...not bad at all right?

-Simon Cowell signed Emblem 3, my favorite act from X Factor this past season. They're already working on an album and I can't wait for it to be released. Simon's got a pretty decent track record since he put my current favorite boy band, One Direction, together.

-Anyone out there in the market for a network? If you have a wad of dough, and you're interested, call John Malone over at Liberty Media. Malone's putting the Starz network on the market. Not sure what he's asking but I'm sure it's negotiable. Make him an offer. Fun fact about John Malone, he is the single largest property owner in the United States. He owns 2.2 million acres of land in America.

Thursday's Trivia Question : John Malone recently became the number one land owner in the US...who did he take the title from?

Thursday's Bonus Office Space Trivia Questions : I noticed that one of my favorite movies is on tonight on Comedy Central...Office Space.
1) What was the boss's name?
2) What office co-worker shared a name with a famous musician?
3) What report was Peter responsible for?
4) What FRIEND is in this movie?
5) What was the name of the guy obsessed with the stapler?

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