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Sometimes it’s useful to look at consumers in a unique way.  Who among these people is your brand most interested in engaging?  Let’s say the U.S. population were to suddenly be shrunk into one village of 100 people.  Proportionately, here’s how that group would break down.

51 are women, 49 men

61 are white (non-Hispanic), 18 Hispanic, 13 African American, 1 Native American, 7 other

13 are from another village, 19 are going to visit another village this year

16 are pre-teens, 9 teens, 40 adults under the age of 50, 25 adults between 50-70, 10 adults over 70

90 are be right-handed, 10 are lefties

96 are professed heterosexual, 4 are professed LBGT

37 are single, 38 married

25 are children

74 are Christians (1/3 of which will be Evangelicals), 2 Jews, 1 Muslim, 5 other religions

18 practice no religion

57 have savings or investments of less than $1000

1 person owns 38% of the village wealth, the next 9 own 38% (4% each), the next 40 own 23% (1/2% each), the remaining 50 own 1% (or very, very, little each), and yet ...

96 own a TV, 92 have a cell phone, 84 own a computer, 58 are on Facebook, 15 use Twitter

32 have at least a bachelor’s degree

14 are illiterate

16 are blue-collar workers, 8 office workers or sales people, 7 managers or owners

7 have service jobs, 12 are in professions

1 is a doctor, 1 a lawyer

50 are not working

1 is in jail

62 own their own tent, 37 rent from the richest person, 1 sleeps outdoors

85 do not eat right according to the tribal council

63 are overweight or obese

3 are vegetarians, 2 consume 80% of the average brand

19 are Democrats, 14 Republicans, 25 Independents, 2 won’t answer

40 won’t vote or are not registered

1 will die, 1 will be born

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