OUTFRONT's Monica Salcedo: How to Prevent a Zoom Snafu from Ruining a Career and More (Podcast)

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In this edition of LGBT+ Advancing's podcast, our own Dr. Kryss talks with OUTFRONT Administrative Manager Monica Salcedo. First, Monica shares the history of her colorful Zoom background, including where you can check it out in a larger than life way. Next, they discuss whether a fully inclusive workplace is a risky decision for an employer …  should your  workplace take this risk? Then, listen in as Dr. Kryss and Monica talk about the ways in which a wedding photo or an accidental Zoom cameo could ruin an employee's entire career. They'll offer insights into how to prevent your colleagues from being under such scrutiny.

Monica will also share her personal experiences of how impactful it is to work for an organization that sees the full scope of what she brings to the workplace. Plus, find out how you may be creating barriers that keep your employees from working successfully together using Monica's story as an example. The hiring practices and the ERG at OUTFRONT helped her to become less guarded and more collegial at work; now you can use their methods as a blueprint for your own workplace environment. You don't want to miss these peeks into the OUTFRONT world, so tune in now!

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