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Your smartphone may be distracting – but it can also simplify your life. This week, on Mindshare’s Culture Vulture Live (below), Jeff Malmad explores one of this year’s growing consumer trends: Outsourcing control to technology.

Apps like Moments and Offtime help people measure and manage distracting smartphone usage. Google is working on a new mobile feature to look at photos of your meal and estimate the number of calories. The U.S. Department of Transport is researching in-car alcohol sensors to prevent drunk driving. And consumers are eager for these kinds of developments -- in fact, according to our Culture Vulture research, 42% of Americans agree that “I would like a trusted company to help simplify my daily life.”


At Mindshare, we’re partnering with Lightwave to find new and interesting ways to use biometric data through wearables -- using things like your heart rate, body temperature and more to improve experiences. For instance, if you’re at a dance party, the DJ could look at that data to see if he needs to change up the music.

At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, we’ll look at the biometric data of attendees and then analyze it for a seminar on June 25. If you’re around, stop by our Monday raffle to win a free Apple Watch or download a special app to your iPhone via Lightwaveapp.com.

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