Over 3,200 Industry Professionals Weigh In on Job Satisfaction, Learning, and Media Partnerships in Comprehensive Survey

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The 2024 Advertising Community Inclusion, Belonging, Knowledge, and Relationships Study, conducted by The Myers Report, provides an in-depth analysis of the current state of the advertising-supported media business. This comprehensive 50-question survey (see details below) of 3,200 industry professionals, conducted in May, sheds light on various aspects of job satisfaction, emotional health, diversity, job satisfaction, knowledge resources and needs, and agency/marketer relationships with 50 media companies.

The MediaVillage Education Foundation (www.MediaVillage.org), a 501c3 nonprofit organization, underwrites the study to elevate the advertising-supported media community's talent retention and business growth. The Myers Report, in collaboration with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's), Media Financial Management Association (MFM), Publicis Media, GroupM, dentsu, Canvas, Active International, and 20 media sales organizations, engages with industry leaders and influencers across marketing, advertising, and media to identify perspectives on trends, challenges, goals, needs, and vision.

Through cutting-edge data, The Myers Report surveys provide actionable insights to revenue, financial, marketing, and DEIB teams to guide their strategic planning, budget allocation, professional development tools, and marketing communications. Proprietary results are being shared with partners in July with the public report published in September. Key findings will be provided regularly in this newsletter beginning next week.

The 50 questions included in the survey questionnaire focused on:

  1. On average, how many days a week are you working at your office or jobsite?
  2. And how many days a week are you required(by management) to work at your office or jobsite?
  3. How many days in the office best describes your ideal workplace scenario?
  4. Twenty-three questions responding to "For each of the following statements about workplace culture and opportunities, please rate each based on how much you agree or disagree with it in the context of your current employer."
  5. Five questions responding to "Still thinking about your current employer, how satisfied are you with each of the following aspects?"
  6. Four questions responding to: "Thinking about the Media and Advertising industry / community in general, please rate each of the following statements based on how much you agree or disagree."
  7. Does your workplace have any Employee Resource Groups (ERG/BRG) that represent and reflect your community?
  8. Do you currently participate in an Employee Resource Group (ERG/BRG) at your workplace?
  9. Would you want to join a Resource Group (ERG/BRG) at your workplace if it represented your interests?
  10. What type of Resource Group (ERG/BRG) would you want to join?
  11. What are the learning resources you would be most likely to access if asked to prepare a presentation on a topic you are unfamiliar with, related to your work? (Select up to 5 of the available 14 choices.)
  12. I feel that I have sufficient understanding of generative AI tools (like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Gemini) to use them for researching and writing reports that I'm responsible for preparing and presenting. Do you... (Strongly agree to strongly disagree)
  13. I feel that my company is investing to increase my knowledge of the ability to use generative AI tools for my professional use. Do you... (Strongly agree to strongly disagree)
  14. Are you personally involved in Upfront planning, negotiating, buying, decision-making at your company?
  15. Identify the media categories for which you have responsibility and/or business oversight: (21 choices)
  16. Based on your knowledge, for each of the media categories below, are budgets available for your planning / buying increasing, stable or declining? (21 choices)
  17. As you consider the media outlets that meet your targeting requirements, which of the following factors MOST impact your planning/buying decisions? (Select up to 5 of 18 factors)
  18. For those who selected "Innovation" - Which of the following are most important in your exploring of innovative and creative opportunities? (Select up to 4 of 18 factors)
  19. For each of the following media companies, identify your individual role and relationship including "I'm interested in learning more about the opportunities this company may offer me." (50 media companies included)

Respondents had the option to include their contact details in return for being eligible for a significant incentive reward.

The 2024 Inclusion, Belonging, Knowledge, and Relationships Study offers a detailed look into the perceptions and experiences of professionals within the advertising industry. By addressing the disparities and reinforcing the positive aspects identified in the survey, the industry can make significant strides towards creating a more inclusive, supportive, and thriving work environment. This study serves as a critical resource for guiding DEIB and organizational strategies and ensuring the sustained growth and success of media organizations.

The next The Myers Report survey will focus on gathering intelligence on business opportunities for 50 individual media companies and will be fielded in September. Over the next several weeks, The Myers Report will publish more than 50 summary reports based on the data collected from this extensive study. These reports will cover a wide range of topics relevant to the advertising-supported media business and will provide valuable insights for business growth strategies, DEIB initiatives, and organizational decision-making.

For more information on The Myers Report and opportunities to subscribe to proprietary survey results, contact jack@mediavillage.org and visit www.MyersReports.com.

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