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Most beer advertisers spend a large portion of their Network TV budget (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC) on sports and plan their media buy on the age/gender demographic target of Men 21-34. However, they can improve their media effectiveness by basing their buys on The Right Audience™ leveraging purchase data. To help demonstrate how important it is to target buyers as well as eliminate waste, the chart below demonstrates the viewing differences across three types of Beer purchasers; each target is based on purchasers. These purchaser targets are: Domestic Beer Purchasers, Light Beer Purchasers and Imported Beer Purchasers.

In learning about The Right Environment, the analysis demonstrates that of 20 sporting events that aired during the first quarter 2010, each purchaser target, even though they typically have a common age/gender buying target (M21-34) has a different list of programs to consider as well as those to avoid.

Advertisers using TRA’s patented Media TRAnalytics are identifying the programming that helps grow sales and increase their ROI.

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