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In a recent interview for The Makegood’s People of Ad Tech series, Jack Myers sat down with Bill Brazell, a partner at WIT Strategy, to talk about the launch of MediaVillage and his upcoming book, “The Future of Men: Masculinity in the 21st Century.”

When people think of MediaVillage, Myers told Brazell, “they should think about thought leadership.” It is a place that media companies can turn to publish their insights, research, and intelligence to a relevant audience instead of sending out a traditional press release, he continued. “When the industry is looking for insights… they should go to MediaVillage first,” Myers asserted.

Turning to The Future of Men, Myers talked about his inspiration for writing about the topic and finding the answers to questions that emerged out of his last book, Hooked Up, which focused on millennials and digital natives. When he toured for Hooked Upand referenced the fact that 60% of today’s college graduates are women, Myers explained that he was bombarded with questions about men: “What are the implications for men? Why aren’t men going to college?” Four years of research resulted in The Future of Men, which tracks gender norms and stereotypes across media, advertising, education, and society and argues that we need a new narrative for men.  While there absolutely still needs to be support for women, he continued, “Let’s start recognizing that we are in a huge transformational shift when it comes to gender realities, and let’s start looking at the impact on men as we have on women,” he concluded. You can preorder The Future of Menat

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