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The Secret Behind Pepsi's Branded Content Success

BrandChannel 3.26.2013

At 30 million views, does it matter if it's real? Pepsi MAX's branded viral hit "Test Drive" is set to pass the 30 million mark on YouTube and the brand is beginning to roll out edited versions of the video for TV that will drive back to the longer original online.

How Nike Uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Econsultancy 3.27.2013

Like most global brands Nike has separate Facebook pages for each of its product categories. This includes golf, snowboarding and FuelBand, as well as two football pages – one for the American version of the sport and one for the version everyone else in the world plays.

IBM's Long-Form Content Shows Its Technology in Action

Adweek 2.25.2013

Technology for elder care has come a long way since "I've fallen … and I can't get up!" IBM is pioneering sensors that monitor seniors' homes in real time—temperature, carbon dioxide levels and much more—and send the data to city workers, who can dispatch friends, family or emergency personnel as needed.

Is The New Wes Anderson for Prada Short Film Wes Anderson Enough?

BrandChannel 3.2.2013

Branded content is the hot new thing. Prada is the latest to the game with a short film directed by indie darling Wes Anderson and starring French actress Léa Seydoux. Anderson is best known for charming films filled with twee sensibilities such as Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingdom and The Royal Tenenbaums. But Anderson is actually an old branded content auteur.

How To Write Content For Your Company People Actually Want To Read

Fast Company 3.29.2013

When it comes to doing business on the Internet, nothing brings in new leads and generates buzz about your business like content. But for busy business owners, generating content regularly can be a hardship, especially if you don't know what to write about.

Branded Content: Is It Better to Own or Sponsor?

Adage 3.29.2013

Many advertisers are facing essentially the same question, as branded content surges as an alternative to digital ads. Do they make their own content, or buy it from somebody else? Creativity, control, speed, quality and cost -- all are at stake. Which one to choose?

Why Google+ Is The Better Platform For Marketers

SmartBlog on Social Media 4.4.2013

As users and marketers are maturing in the use of social media, platform providers are also entering a new stage in their life cycles. Here are 3 social media trends that will shape the social media world as we know it. Taken together, these 3 big ideas will lead more and more marketers to embrace Google+.

Pinterest Marketing Service Leverages Influencers

Adweek 4.2.2013

HelloSociety today has unveiled a suite of Pinterest marketing products that includes analytics, a contest platform and creative tools. But its chief application centers on what the Santa Monica, Calif.-based software firm characterizes as an "audience builder," while offering the services of top influencers on the social-pinning site.

Why Facebook, Twitter And Instagram Put Up Roadblocks To Each Others' Content

Business Insider 4.2.2013

On March 4, TweetDeck — a Twitter service for managing multiple social media accounts — quietly launched the latest salvo in the social media wars. Tucked into an otherwise unrelated announcement was a sentence warning that the service planned to "discontinue support" for their Facebook integration.

HBO Names 360i to Handle Social Media Campaign

Adage 2.25.2013

HBO has named 360i to create a social media campaign, supplementing the work the network handles internally. The move comes as Netflix is beginning a long-awaited integration with Facebook. HBO brought its social media marketing in-house in 2007 after it tapped Sabrina Caluori as VP of social media and performance marketing.

Social Media Marketing Lessons From 2013... So Far

Sociable Blog 3.30.2013

Okay, so we are only three months into 2013, but with several major events crammed into the first quarter of the year—the Super Bowl, the Grammys, the Oscars—we have already seen a showcase of impressive social media marketing.

Twitter Relaunches Twitter For Business, Offers Companies Tips For Success

Mashable 4.2.2013

What can your business do in just 140 characters? Twitter wants to help you find out. Twitter relaunched Twitter for Business Monday, an online resource for businesses to learn the best practices in incorporating Twitter into their marketing efforts.

What to Say on Twitter

Entrepreneur 3.29.2013

Tweets are like the subject lines of your emails. A good email subject line is usually less than 100 characters. Use the same thought process when sending a Tweet, and in no time, you'll get over your fear of Tweeting.

Facebook's New APIs Help Brands Monitor, Respond to Comment Replies

Mashable 4.4.2013

Just a week after launching comment replies on Facebook, the social network updated its API Wednesday to help brands better monitor and respond to them. In a post on its developer blog, Facebook product engineer Alex Madjar says developers can now set up different comment "views" on posts.

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