Philip Kotler: Confessions of the "Father of Modern Marketing" (Video)

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Philip Kotler, author and widely acclaimed as the "Father of Modern Marketing," spoke on March 27 to the Sarasota Institute, sharing his seasoned insights on the history of marketing and what we should expect in the marketing world going forward. He shares a PowerPoint presentation on how marketing has changed since the 19th century and how it will continue to shift the future of our society. Kotler defines marketing today as "applied economics with social character" and "a force that shapes our wants and lifestyles."

Watch Kotler's full presentation to learn his concerns about the future of marketing and to understand why he doesn’t include the words "advertising" or "media" in his talk. Also be sure to check out Kotler and MediaVillage founder Jack Myers answering and elaborating on questions from the audience and Myers' individual presentation to the Sarasota Institute.

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