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Using the traditional planning approach of ratings based on age/sex demos just won’t cut it in today’s world with so many factors to influence buyers. Advertisers have to compete to not only get the attention of television viewers but to also get them to purchase the product. With TRA’s Media TRAnalytics®, advertisers are able to find The Right Audience™ for their products, thus arming them with the most vital information needed to plan and execute television campaigns that drive sales. For example, advertisers of Gastrointestinal products are provided with Purchaser Rating Points™ (PRPs™) about suitable programs, as well as which dayparts and pod positions are best suited to sell their product. By reallocating media spend using the right messages to the right audiences, advertisers are cutting down significantly on wasteful spending and capitalizing on higher ROI than ever before. It’s the new way, it’s the best way … it’s the road to improved ROI!

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