Kelly Perone of Effectv on the Power of Product and Tech to Propel Growth (Video)

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In the fast-paced media and entertainment industry, technology is the fuel that spurs the innovation that drives profitability and growth. For the ad tech sector in particular, it is the oxygen that keeps the ecosystem thriving as advertisers become more demanding on return on advertising outcomes and begin grappling with the new rules of the game in the race for accurate and timely data in a cookie-less world. At the center of this dynamic is a cutting-edge player, Effectv, which has been leading the effort in showcasing New TV, a transformative new lens to recognize the digital power of television. Time spent viewing video has reached new heights and firmly establishes it as the most powerful way to reach audiences.

In this episode of the Storytelling Revolution we welcome Kelly Perone, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Effectv, who has been a key architect of this transformative journey. Effectv has made significant progress in evolving the organization as it focuses on its mission to become the world's smartest audience delivery company.

Across the product development journey from concept to deployment, Perone spearheads the roadmap of Effectv's innovative products, simplifying customer experiences, creating connections across audiences and importantly being strategic on where failure might happen and how to use it as an impetus for new breakthroughs. Listen here for an insightful and strategic deep dive on how product and innovation excellence elevate returns for brands.

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