The answer to Monday's Trivia Question: Cage & Fish was the law firm on ALLY MCBEAL

FIRST FIVES: Heather Doyle, Bobby Aguilera, Jamie Piro, Barrie Cota & Neil Moffat

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AMERICAN DAD-Adult Swim .7/2.2Kristy Carruba


AMERICAN DAD-Adult Swim .7/1.9


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Sunday's Cable Trendrr Top 5




ICE ROAD TRUCKERS-History 45,540



-The Royals fans were tough on Robinson Cano, and even though he didn't hit one home run this year, his American League team pummeled the National League in the HOME RUN DERBY this year. Detroit Tiger, Prince Fielder, was crowned Home Run king at the end of the night. This was his 2nd time winning the title as he won it in 2009 when playing for the National League which makes him the second person to win more than once. (Ken Griffey Jr has won it 3 times) and the first person to win for the AL and the NL. His furthest hit was 476 feet. Couple of comments about the broadcast itself:

  • I loved the ball tracker ,
  • The director during the show seemed to have a problem keeping HIS eye and the right camera on the ball as there were quite a few instances where the viewer missed the hit as the camera was not actually on the ball. (I don't understand this at all, considering there was really only one thing to keep the camera on the entire time...THE BALL! )
  • The Royals fans were just brutal towards my guy, NY YANKEE Robinson Cano who was last years champion. While I completely understand the rivalry between the Yanks and Royals, I felt bad for Cano and thought it was just sort of rude of Kansas City... but maybe I was just way too sensitive...the guy does deserve a little respect.
  • I am always amazed that Chris Berman doesn't blow a vein or something when he announces. You would have thought that he'd never seen a home run before the way he lost it every time a ball was hit over the wall. Calm down Chris...just a little

Prior to the start of the Derby, I did watch a few shows... -Kelly's dress on LIVE WITH KELLY yesterday would have been amazing ON SOMEONE ELSE, but again, and no offense to Kelly or the flat chested women of America...if you don't have um, don't wear clothes that attempt to flaunt um, it makes it all SO much worse! -EPISODES was pretty funny this week. Matt LeBlanc is always hilarious but this week the table read scene with Myra was hilarious. She stole the MmmmKay thing (and the show this week) from the teacher on SOUTH PARK but as the judges from pretty much all the singing competitions always say..."she made it her own" and just had me really laughing out loud. (Should we deem that RLOL??)

-The latest numbers from comScore's MobiLens service, covering the US smartphone market over a three-month period ending in May 2012:

  • Nearly 100 million Americans owned a smartphone, which is up 5% from the three-month period ending in February 2012.
  • Google's Android owned 50.9% (up 0.8% from February 2012) of the US smartphone market. Apple's iOS-operated iPhone came in second with 31.9% (+1.7%), followed by RIM at 11.4% (-2%), Microsoft at 4% (+0.1%), and Symbian at 1.1% (-0.4%).
  • In May, 51.1% of US mobile subscribers used a downloaded app; 49.8% used a mobile browser; and 36.7% accessed a social networking site or blog

-I know it has absolutely nothing to do with TV but its slim pickings these days with TV News and information, so I thought this was pretty cool stuff to fill the spaces with. For all of you that have read the 50 Shades of Grey books, you know all too well the power these books seem to have over all of us This week the trilogy will hit the 20 MILLION in sales mark, which is truly incredible. So here are the facts:

  • As of 7/2 the 50 Shades trilogy had sold 19.4 MILLION copies in both print and e-book form in the US
  • The trilogy ranked 1st, 2nd & 3rd on the Wall Street Journal's best sellers list on Saturday
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy took more than 3 years to reach the 20 MILLION mark in the US
  • Around the world, the 50 Shades books have sold 31 million copies
  • Movie rights have been acquired by Comcast's Universal Pictures and Focus Features
  • In the US sales have been split : 9.8 Million paperbacks and 9.6 million e-books
  • For Vintage, the publisher, the trilogy has brought in 145 MILLION bucks

-9/16 is the premiere date for all of you BOARDWALK EMPIRE fans.

-Michael Buble will be joining "Team Blake" as an advisor on the upcoming season of THE VOICE. That's an interesting pairing if you ask me. A crooner and a country singer??? Odd combo.

-Total bummer for me, but I guess good news for Katie and Tom in that they have apparently reached an agreement in their divorce. I did enjoy my week of TomKat news and sightings and could have easily gone on with my twisted obsession, especially during the dog days of Summer and the lack of anything juicy to watch. Obviously Tom needed Katie to stay quiet and would apparently pay any price and make any deal to insure he protected and kept the secrets of the church and his life private. Of course I AM DYING to know as much about this deal as possible but I will just have to make it all up in my warped mind.

-BIG BROTHER UPDATE: Dr. Will and Howie were eliminated from the BB All Star contestant list for this season. I was really hoping Dr. Will would play...there is nobody better at the game then him and he is really fun to watch. (He's also pretty cute). BIG BROTHER was already pretty engaging with so many platforms to find content and information about the game, but the producers have taken it up a notch this season. In addition to the show, BIG BROTHER After Dark on Showtime, the live feeds that you can pay for, and the daily web shows, there are now the following additions: This season, fans can interact with each other , and the show with BIG BROTHER CONNECT which. for all of you freaks like me, can access at: Here, all the conversations will be aggregated, there will be viewer polls and it will provide fans with opportunities for their tweets to appear during the Thursday night live shows. There is also the official BIG BROTHER Twitter account:@CBSBigBrother (, and tweets with the hashtag #bbinsider will take fans behind the walls of the BIG BROTHER house with first looks at challenges & production news. BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE!

  • Friday Weekly Live Chats on
  • Flock to Unlock-fans can use Twitter to access exclusive photos from inside the house by that weeks HOH. Once enough fans tweet #Big Brother HOH, the photos will be unlocked for everyone to see on
  • Full eps and clips will be available on
  • In addition to @CBSBig Brother, fans can follow two other BIG BROTHER Twitter accounts to stay in the know: @BigBrother Scoop& @Big Brother HOH

-Tuesday's Trivia Question: Donnell, Young, Dole & Frutt is the law the show.

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