Print Media Prospects are Positive: 2000-2020 Economic Report

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The precipitous annual declines in print advertising since 2000 appear to be at an end. Between 2000 and 2013, newspaper and consumer magazine ad spending declined from more than $66 billion to $41 billion. Newspaper ad spending declined from $48.8 billion in 2000 to only $24.7 billion in 2013, according to MyersBizNet economic data. While newspaper and consumer magazine ad investments are unlikely to experience meaningful growth through the remainder of this decade, the industry has stabilized. Consolidation is an inevitable reality; marketers are focusing on fewer media partners – those that have the strongest and most relevant brand equity with consumers; and these companies are expanding their franchises across multiple platforms. For leading print media companies, the winds have shifted from their faces to their backs.

In 2013, digital revenues represented 18% of newspaper ad revenues and 11% of consumer magazine ad revenues. By 2020, MyersBizNet forecasts that digital inventory will represent an estimated 42% of newspaper ad revenues and 30% of consumer magazine ad revenues. Both total newspaper and magazine ad revenues are projected to decline slightly between 2013 and the end of the decade, but well-positioned companies have significant growth potential and overall prospects for the industry are more positive than they have been in two decades.

MyersBizNet Media Business Report 2014          
Advertising Spending          
Official Marketing / Advertising Spending Data 2010 - 2020         
UPDATED 01-06-14  Data reported in 000,000          
"Legacy" refers to revenues generated for traditional non-digital advertising and marketing spend within each category2010201320142020AVG Y-t-Y Change AVG Y-t-Y Change
$$% Share$% Share$% Share2013-2014-2015 2016-2017-2018-2019-2020
Newspaper Advertising(Print + All Platforms)29,76224,686 24,651 23,541 -2.2% -0.6%
Legacy26,80520,15181.619,34578.513,59757.8-6.2% -5.5%
Digital2,9574,53618.45,30721.59,94542.215.7% 10.3%
Consumer Magazines Advertising(Print + All Platforms)16,39116,413 16,504 16,398 0.3% -0.4%
Legacy15,41614,58788.914,22286.211,42369.7-2.7% -3.8%
Digital9751,82611.12,28213.84,97530.323.0% 12.0%
TOTAL - U.S. Only$46,153$41,099 $41,155 $39,939 -1.2% -0.5%
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