Quizzly.ai Partners with Advally to Automate First-Party Data Activation for Publishers

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Quizzly.ai, a patent-pending quiz platform revolutionizing how publishers and brands engage audiences, announced a partnership today with Advally to automate first-party data activation for publishers. Through the partnership, publishers working with Advally gain access to Quizzly.ai’s platform that leverages AI to deliver actionable insights that enable publishers to make data-driven decisions and optimize content for advertising strategies that offer more effective monetization opportunities.

Advally specializes in providing superior technical and ad optimization consulting to publishers with 100% transparency. Advally’s collaboration with Quizzly.ai provides publishers with a streamlined solution for leveraging first-party data and uncovering deeper audience insights for more accurate targeting. It also delivers time and cost savings that lets publishers focus on core aspects of business such as content creation and audience engagement without sacrificing revenue generation.

Entering 2024, there is growing importance for the ability to secure and activate first-party data. This allows for personalized marketing and high-quality targeted advertising. Publishers, in particular, have a heightened need for deeper insights into their audience, as well as advanced ways to optimize their monetization strategies to maximize revenue. The digital media industry is witnessing a significant shift towards automation to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Quizzly.ai's automation technology aligns with this trend, making it a sought-after solution for publishers looking to automate first-party data activation processes.

"Partnering with Quizzly.ai lets us offer something to publishers that actually moves the revenue needle substantially. This is a game-changer compared to most new offerings and allows us to combine Advally’s commitment to transparency with Quizzly.ai’s advanced AI technology and industry expertise,” said Doug Bishop, co-founder and CEO of Advally. “By working together, we empower publishers with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy and signifies our dedication to providing publishers with innovative solutions that drive success and deliver measurable results in the digital ecosystem. Advally is always committed to finding the best solutions for publishers, and Quizzly is the best in class compared to anything we have seen before."

Quizzly.ai is a subsidiary of Vuukle, the world’s top custom user engagement and commenting platform for enterprise sites and blogs, with a track record of delivering tangible results and revenue growth for publishers. Tailored to provide a personalized and dynamic experience, Quizzly.ai leverages cutting-edge AI technology to create a contextual engine that generates quizzes directly linked to a page's content. For publishers, Quizzly.ai enhances user engagement on the publisher's site, potentially increasing ad revenue and attracting advertisers seeking an engaged audience.

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