Rachel Boston on Becoming a Mother and Playing One in Hallmark Channel's "Dating the Delaneys"

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It's been a couple of years since Hallmark Media regular Rachel Boston dipped her toe in the rom-com pool. Her last few projects were Christmas fare, following 2019's The Last Bridesmaid, opposite Paul Campbell. So, what better way to re-enter the genre (and celebrate her 10th Hallmark project) than with Campbell at her side for Hallmark Channel's multi-generational love story Dating the Delaneys. "It's so good to be back working, after becoming a mom in real life in January," she beamed during an exclusive interview with MediaVillage. "It's a whole new chapter for me, and Paul, who's also a father. We talked about that a lot because we went from being the wedding videographer and bridesmaid, to now [both being] parents and how much fun we had with that.

"What's interesting is when I read the script, and got the call about it, I just kept thinking Paul would be so perfect for [his] role," she added. "Then I got a call saying Paul was in. I was over the moon excited because he was perfect, and I knew he'd be so funny. The fact they were thinking of him also worked out great. We just get each other's sense of humor. It makes it easier knowing if I throw something out, he'll catch me, meet me there, and stay with him. And if he puts something out, I'll follow him. So, we got to have a lot of fun improv in this movie, too."

According to Boston, the multi-generation family theme -- a daughter, a mother and a grandmother all exploring relationships at the same time and juncture in life -- captivated her. "Three generations of women, all figuring out their own love story and how they all support each other ... I thought that was such a unique way of telling a love story," she said. "In the opening of the movie, we discover something is going on with my mom, who may have found a great companion. Then my daughter has something going on with this guy in school, which opens my character, Maggie, who is divorced, to realize [she] has put her love life completely on the back burner to focus on her children. It was the right thing to do, but she's now ready for a new chapter.

"I was also taken with the fact that Maggie is unsure if she needs a relationship," she added. "She's a successful baker and runs her own business. I thought that was such an empowering stance; knowing you're capable of doing it on your own, which is what she has been doing. There's one scene where she stands up to her ex-husband and says, 'I'm not gonna take this anymore. This isn't working.' That was such an unknown place for her to be in. When you get to that space, you can really allow the right person in. You see that in this story."

As a part of her relationship journey, Maggie also explores the digital dating world via dating apps, something neither star was versed in. "On set, Paul and I asked people who did use apps how it all works," she laughed. "They showed us their profiles and it was really interesting for both of us to think about this chapter in our lives. Paul's character's approach is being on [an app], but not being very active. [Maggie] is just trying to figure out which one do you even sign up for? That's a really interesting concept for people that haven't dated in so long, and the game has changed since they found love. It's all so relatable, and it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there.

"One of the teachable moments in the film comes after Maggie has been on a few dates with a guy," Boston explained. "She states on her profile she likes trying new things, but she doesn't. She pretends, but then finally realizes they have nothing in common and that's okay! It's not a bad thing, it's just where we are. She has to find her own voice and figure out what she really wants in a partner. She's at peace with the fact that she definitely doesn't need [one] to thrive, but if it's a possibility, what would she stay open to?"

This is Boston's first Hallmark project playing a mom, and her first gig since becoming one. She admits that without motherhood, she may have approached this role differently. "My daughter was five months old when I went back to work," she shared. "I was so thankful to have my first role as a mom be on Hallmark. [I would go] to my trailer, and there's my mom and my little baby -- that was beautiful.

"Motherhood has transformed me in so many different ways," she continued. "That understanding of the love I have for my child, and the love for my children in the film … I understood the deep, profound way of looking into their eyes and knowing I want the best for them, the best life has to offer, and do whatever I have to do to make that happen. Working with such a great group, and with Hallmark, who were so supportive of me as a mother going back to work. It was wonderful.

"Paul and I talked about Hallmark being like the old Hollywood world, where you're paired a lot with the same people to go on different journeys," she added in closing. "This was very different from The Last Bridesmaid as we deal with grief, and healing, and all things we go through in life. How do you keep your heart open? We're both thrilled Hallmark is now telling these stories."

Dating the Delaneys will be telecast Saturday, August 20 at 8 p.m. on Hallmark Channel as part of its Fall into Love programming event.

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