Radio Brings Profits to Hyperlocal Apps

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Hyperlocal apps connect app users with retailers in a mutually beneficial way. For example, an app can notify you that a Dunkin Donuts is a block away offering free coffee for the next 10 minutes. The user gets free coffee. Dunkin Donuts gets valuable consumer data.

App developers have a challenge. As "robust" as their data collection capabilities may be, they rely on retailer understanding of their product and consumer use of their product to grow their business.

A partnership with a radio company solves both challenges. Radio is a proven, vibrant medium that has served local communities and businesses for 100 years. Radio station coverage areas are local by federal law. Each station covers no more than a 50 mile radius -- many less. Therefore, in order to thrive, radio management has learned how to super-serve local advertisers. Indeed, 86% of all radio revenue comes from local businesses.

This week, 91% of all Americans will listen to radio. It is as popular with 18-34 year olds as it is with older listeners. Below are listed the benefits of forming a partnership with a local radio station or group of stations.

1. Local advertisers seek a digital component with their traditional media buys. They crave granular customer behavior tools available from your app -- but not from radio. Radio knows advertisers want these tools but do not have the resources to create or develop hyperlocal apps. Radio delivers audience reach; your app measures audience behaviors.

2. Each radio station typically has a well-trained sales force of 10-20 sellers. They represent feet on the street. Retailers know these sellers and trust them. Radio sellers speak the language of retail. App companies do not. Sure you have a great app and retailers need your service but they don't understand what you are saying and they don't know how to ask you questions. Radio sellers can serve as your Rosetta stone.

3. Advertisers are comfortable with radio in the media mix. They require a primary, evangelical, lengthy pitch in order to partner with hyper-local apps. By partnering with radio stations, radio sellers can present your app as part of their service. Your business plan will be accelerated by years when your app or service is sold by a credible radio marketer whose product is understood and desired. Your company benefits from that association.

4. Radio content creators perfected hyper-local targeting decades ago. Regardless of the demographic goal, an advertiser can reach it with radio. Because of the large number of stations per city, each station's demographic appeal is narrowed to a very small slice, such as women 18-24 who live in a three-county area. This precision makes radio an ideal partner for hyper-local app makers. Radio delivers the reach you need to attract a significant audience with narrow targeting that matches the inherent appeal of your app's capabilities.

5. Your app makes radio cool. Radio can turn your company from "another round of fundraising" to another profitable quarter.

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