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So...great sellers don't burn any.

The more sales calls you make today, the more people will tick you off. It's math. If you make ten sales calls a day and on average three of the clients (or target clients) get your goat; were you to up the number of calls to fifteen, one point five more (or the owner and his receptionist, to whom you are forbidden to show this post) will get Billy. The "tell" of an average seller after an unpleasant sales call is his exit speech and or posture by way of which he believes he is retaining his dignity. "The failure is all yours Mr. Buyer," is the communication. "No skin off my back!"

"You certainly are right young man, I'm so sorry. Come back real soon," says the buyer to himself.

Not! As my kids say.

Alternatively, the great seller says to himself, even better to his buyer, "I wish I had been more effective at getting you to try and let me help you. I know I can. I'll give us both a chance to reflect and try it again soon. You have a great day." Now when this sales star tries again, the call for the appointment goes something like this:

"Mr. Jones, remember me, the guy that bored you to death two Thursdays ago when we talked about...blah, blah? Well, I think I know how I failed you by so poorly communicating how I may help you. Can you risk another ten minutes? I'll bring the coffee. Tomorrow at nine OK?"

"Nine's tough. Can you do 8:30? And forget the coffee. We always have a fresh pot going."

Hey you can keep crossing the bridges to greater and great success, or burn them. Your call.

Great Selling!

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