Re-Mocking "The Munsters": Why Did "Mockingbird Lane" Fail? It's Real Simple: Because They Killed That Guy At the End- Herbie J Pilato

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Loved the new cast.

Loved the new sets.Mockingbird+Lane

Loved the direction.

Loved the writing.

A genius remake.

Except when they killed that guy at the end.

You don't do that.

Not on a remake of a beloved show that means so much to millions.

And not after some of the characters right before hand promised that such a thing wouldn't happen.

But it did happen.

When they killed that guy at the end.

Was totally loving it until they did that.

Why on Earth would anyone allow that to happen?

"Anyone" being the characters, the producers, the writer or the director.

Why would they allow for such a tragic and dreadful thing to happen at the end of a remake of a beloved classic TV show that has been enchantingly embedded in the psyche of TV viewers since the dawn of time?


Because "they" think "edgy" is funny and hip and intriguing.

To some extent, of course, it is.

The every extent, it's not.

To every extent, it's a drag.

As it was with Mockingbird Lane.

Viewers don't want downers anymore. Leaven that to Hectoror Dexter or whatever those mean-spirited shows are called.

The original Munsters TV show was a happy show.The+Munsters

We liked those people.

We loved having them in our living rooms.

Not so with how they were presented on Mockingbird Lane.

Everyone there looked constipated.

In fact, a lot of characters on a lot of the new shows look constipated.

What is THAT all about?

Viewers don't want constipated characters.

And viewers don't want anyone attacking beloved memories of past classics.

Viewers want respect, innovation and genius.

And we got that on Mockingbird Lane.

Until they killed that guy at the end.

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