Real Intelligence Reframes Audience Measurement

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I may be wrong, but it seems like there's too much hype around artificial and virtual reality.  What we should all be focusing on is real intelligence.  The kind of intelligence that gets the troops to stand and deliver on the C-Suite's bold decisions. Intelligence that provides the foundation to invest more to build brands and make more, rather than skinnying back marketing and advertising budgets.  We need the kind of intelligence that results in insightful creative that gets the CMO, forward looking media-tech companies and networks to engage with brands and program content consumers love.  The kind of creative consumers wouldn't dream of blocking.

Real intelligence reframes "audience measurement" today to double down on audience engagement solves, attribution, attention and avoiding fraud.  comScore, Kellogg and Krux are leading the way with scientific, original research that brings new agile analytic approaches to improve our avoidance of ad fraud along with simple steps to improve message delivery at the impression level. This is practical intelligence with nothing artificial or virtual about it.   

Where can you get real intelligence today?   We didn't have to look far at the ARF. From one simple request "for original papers on bold, innovative approaches to audience measurement" we found gold to mine. ARF leadership joined our Executive Board of Curators to judge and bring this original research to our Audience Measurement Conference this June.  There we will convene the best and brightest minds for presentations of authentic, intelligent research. With these new tools in hand, we will begin working towards solutions with the Originators of this research for creative measurement solutions that are sorely needed.

Audience Measurement 2016 (June 13 -14) will bring to the industry C-Suite ready solutions and approaches you can bring home in a carryout container -- ready for you and your team to pick up and apply. Solutions that will quickly solve your toughest challenges.  In short, the ARF's Audience Measurement conference will be a networking experience with the world's boldest and brightest Originators that will deliver smart, unbiased solutions at C-Suite speed and clarity.  See you in June.

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