Reckitt's Gary Osifchin: A Trailblazer in Marketing Leadership and Advocate for Diversity and Inclusion (Video)

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In an inspiring episode of Jack Myers' Legends & Leadership series, Gary Osifchin, Chief Marketing Officer U.S. Hygiene at Reckitt, shares profound insights into the world of marketing, the essence of brand relevance, and the pivotal role of diversity and inclusion in today's business landscape. Gary's career, marked by significant achievements and a passionate commitment to advancing LGBTQ+ rights, is a beacon of inspiration for both seasoned and emerging leaders in the industry.

Congratulations to Gary and Reckitt on their induction into the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors, joining 35 previous inductees. Gary and his colleagues across the industry are gathering to reaffirm their commitment to DEIB leadership on April 11 at Hall des Lumieres in NYC. To join in recognizing the sixteen 2024 Hall of Honors inductees visit

Under his leadership at Reckitt, Gary has navigated brands like Lysol, Air Wick, and Finish through the tumultuous waters of the pandemic, highlighting their global purpose to heal, protect, and nurture in the most challenging times. His strategic vision and adept use of data and technology have optimized media investments, ensuring that messages not only reach their intended audiences but resonate on a deeper level.

Gary's conversation with Jack delves into the evolving responsibilities of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), emphasizing the importance of integrating brand responsibility with profit and loss accountability to foster more focused decision-making. This approach has allowed Reckitt to align its brand strategies more closely with the values and needs of a diverse consumer base, reflecting Gary's belief in the necessity of incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into every facet of business strategy.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Gary's personal journey and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights stand out. From his early advocacy at SC Johnson to his current role as the executive sponsor of the LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group at Reckitt, Gary's efforts have been pivotal in creating inclusive workplaces where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated. His work extends beyond corporate boundaries, influencing the broader industry and setting a benchmark for leadership in diversity and inclusion.

Gary's and Reckitt's upcoming induction into the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors on April 11 at Hall des Lumiéres in New York is a testament to his impactful work and dedication to promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging within the industry and beyond. This recognition underscores the significant strides Reckitt has made under his stewardship, driving forward a culture of inclusivity and belonging. Visit to learn more and join Gary and other inductees on April 11.

The Legends & Leadership interview with Jack Myers is not just a conversation; it's a narrative of leadership, vision, and commitment to making the workplace and the world a more inclusive place. As Gary reflects on his upbringing, the influence of mentors, and his passion for mid-century modern architecture and travel, we see a leader who is multifaceted, deeply human, and profoundly impactful.

As the industry continues to evolve, Gary's insights into the changing landscape of marketing and advertising, his innovative approach to brand strategy, and his advocacy for diversity and inclusion are invaluable. His leadership at Reckitt exemplifies how aligning business strategies with the values and needs of a diverse audience is not just good ethics but good business.

We invite viewers to engage with Gary's interview here or above to draw inspiration from his journey, and to join in the ongoing conversation about the importance of leadership, diversity, and inclusion in shaping the future of marketing and beyond.

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