Reimagine the World with Neural Diversity Included (VIDEO)

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Diversity is often talked about in terms of race and gender. There is another sector that often gets overlooked, individuals with intellectual development and learning disabilities. 85% of this group are ready, willing and able adults but are unemployed and, as a result, are the largest and most impoverished population in the world (with an even larger disparity of African American individuals with IDDs).

Laurel Rossi is working hard to change these numbers. Laurel will share the inspiration and impetus for her creation of Creative Spirit, an organization devoted to creating more opportunity and equity for these individuals. She is also the chief partnership officer of Organic and has enjoyed a successful career in the advertising and marketing space. A personal experience opened her eyes however to a world where she could put her connector skills to work for this population often neglected and thereby giving them a seat at the table be it in the form of a job and fair wage. And change a life or one thousand of them!

Come Reimagine the world and make a difference by supporting Laurel and the Creative Spirit community by joining them at their May 6th Fundraiser event

Call to action:

  1. Check with your company's HR department to see that this employee pool is included employment consideration
  1. Support Creative Spirit by joining them on May 6th at their Reimagine Event
  1. Educate your networks to Creative Spirit, its work and its broadening of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion pool

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