Monday, March 17, 2014

The Answer to Friday’s Trivia Question: Megan was Felicity's college roommate.

First Fives: James Gabriele, Mike O'Dea, Jim Carter, Monica Caraffa and Priscilla Paez

Honorable Mention: Francesca Sullivan


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5

The Big Bang Theory-CBS 4.9/17.2
Scandal-ABC 2.7/8.0
The Millers-CBS 2.6/11.1
Two and a Half Men-CBS 2.6/10.0
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 2.3/7.1

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Vikings-History 1.2/3.3
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.1/2.7
Pawn Stars-History 1.0/4.0
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.0
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo-TLC .7/1.9

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings

Scandal-ABC 321,000 Tweets
American Idol-Fox 53,000 Tweets
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 46,000 Tweets
Community-NBC 9,000 Tweets
Parks & Recreation-7,000 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5

Shark Tank-ABC 1.9/7.4
20/20-ABC 1.9/7.1
Grimm-NBC 1.6/5.4
Blue Bloods-CBS 1.5/12.0
Hawaii Five-0-CBS 1.4/10.0


The Good Wife

All that buzz about Mayor DiBlasio appearing on “The Good Wife” and it was via Taxi TV. Funny...sort of. I mean in the episode, Taxi TV and the Mayor weren't shown in a good light, but it was funny. Whatever. A little bit of a break from the courtroom this week, as all the lawyers were in New York for a Bar Association conference. All the law firms were hoping to bag Rayna Hecht, a rainmaker looking for a new firm. Alicia was the keynote speaker at the conference with pressure to kill and land the rainmaker lawyer. Lots of flashbacks to the first episode ever. Five years ago, Alicia looked like a very conservative deer caught in the highlights. Five years ago Will was just a college friend helping her through a rough time. One of my favorite characters, Elsbeth Tassioni, was back helping Will with the crazy situation he's currently in. In the middle of it all, she ran into an anti Semitic bear on the streets of NYC while wearing the largest pair of mittens I've ever seen. It took me a minute, but I figured it out...Lorraine Joy was Ellen from “thirtysomething.” OMG I loved that show back in the day.


Of course this week’s episode had to open up with Hannah and Adam naked and in bed, but honestly, I'm getting numb to it now. I'm more obsessed with trying to figure out how Adam can still love Hannah at all. Forget her body for a minute. She's so annoying, self centered and unsupportive that I just want to scream. I can't believe she would go and quit/get fired from the only job she's had that actually pays her money. At least she and Elijah got another shot at the super crazy Patti Lupone. Took me a while to figure out who that woman in the wheelchair was. I only recognized Louise Lasser (name the show for 10 bonus points) by her voice. Marnie and her new partner killed with their song, but then his girlfriend showed up you could tell it was tough on Marnie, so what'd she do? Ran over Ray's. Hannah and Adam were about get busy at Ray's too, as that's currently wear Adam's sleeping, but they heard the sounds coming from Ray's bedroom and only Hannah would think she has the right to bust in and bust them. OMG I HATE HANNAH!


Creepy factor's definitely increasing on “Resurrection.” Now we have two formerly dead people freaking people out and I'm guessing more are on the way. Sort of freaky when Caleb was eating breakfast next to his own urn and there's still a lot of similarities to “The Returned.” Agent Bellamy got a court order to open Jacob's tomb, unfortunately only he and Dr. Maggie the skinniest person I've ever seen, got to see what was in it. My guess is that Jacob's still in there but who knows for sure. Hope we find out next week. I am a little worried about the priest/Jacob relationship. I get that they were bff's when they were kids, but an adult priest playing with a little boy in these current times...I don't know if that's the greatest storyline in the world. Not sure who the guy was that Caleb beat with a hammer. More mysteries. If the scary/freaky factor continues to increase I'm going to have to give it up. Plus ... “Game of Thrones” is coming back in a few weeks and that takes all of my energy.


You have no idea how annoying it is to me that “Scandal” and “Parenthood” are on at the exact same day and time. The only good thing about it is that I have a great Friday night primetime lineup with the “Parenthood”/“Vikings” combo. Last Thursday's episode of “Parenthood” was too good, I think it might be my fave of the season. Of course nobody was shot or anything like in “Scandal,” but the stories, the characters and those moments are just SO real that it all hits almost too close to home. Crosby's mother-in-law was nuts about getting baby Aida baptized and while none of the Bravermans are religious, they went through with it to keep her happy. (Sound familiar?) I loved seeing everyone’s take on it all though. Don't we always want to see that sort of thing in our real life? Camille was upset that she wasn't hosting at the house so she complicated matters by adding a dinner to the itinerary. Crosby thought he needed to swap godfather's due to the current Julia/Joel situation. Julia got upset that Joel wasn't fighting harder for her and for the family. The kids got upset that Joel wasn't attending the celebration. Max was upset that he couldn't use the printer. Sarah got upset that Max insisted on using the printer but didn't take his sh*t and brought him home which of course upset Kristina which of course upset Adam. Drew was upset when his roommate slept with Natalie so he and Amber got stoned which was hilarious. They showed up late to the baptism dinner but were totally picked off. Of course there has to be a moving/tearjerker moment and this week it was when Zeke went to Joel's crappy apartment and urged him to try harder to work through this "bump in the road." OMG Zeke's the best. NBC hasn't officially renewed “Parenthood” for another season yet. WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR? It's bad enough that I'm still missing Coach and Tami Taylor, if they take away my Bravermans I'm going to freak out!

Ragnar and his crew brutally invaded Wessex all in the exact same clothes they've worn for months at a time. Ragnar did have time to tighten up his ponytail, but that's about it really. The gang took the Wessex high priest and used him for target practice. Even Ragnar's priest buddy couldn't take it and tried to help the guy by slitting his throat and putting him out of his misery. I was shocked to see Lagertha letting her current husband smack her around. She's tougher than that and could probably kick his ass, but I'm guessing that either she or her now very, very large son will kill him and escape and hopefully head to find her man. Problem is that Ragnar's town's been taken by Ragnar's enemy. Rollo defended his village as much as he could, but since Ragnar took his best men with HIM, Rollo was totally screwed. He had no choice but to leave the village and insure his family’s safety. Hopefully they all hook up somewhere soon. Ragnar was impressed by the soil and earth in England and wanted to stay for awhile, but I'm guessing that once he gets word that his town and family are in trouble, he'll head back to rescue them.


-I don't normally report on all the casting news and network pilots and stuff. I try not to get excited about anything until I know it's going to make it to air, but when I read that Nick D'Agosto from “Masters of Sex” was cast in “How I Met Your Dad,” the sort of spinoff of “How I Met Your Mother,” I got pretty psyched. He's going to be big. You heard it here first.
-Piers Morgan's last day at CNN will be March 28th. Since the announcement that he's been fired, his numbers have gone up.

-David Brenner died of cancer at the age of 78. I don't really remember David Brenner on TV, but I know him from all of his appearances on the Howard Stern show. I didn't realize he was so much older than Howard. RIP David Brenner.

-Right now in LA it's PaleyFest time. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, PaleyFest is a celebration of TV. Lots of current and past show casts come together and just talk TV. Someday, when I'm retired, I'll attend PaleyFest and the ATX Fest in Austin. For now, I live stream it if I'm home. I did get to watch the “Orange is the New Black” one on Friday night because I have no life. The ENTIRE cast was in attendance. They didn't reveal much, but it was cool to see them all with hair and makeup, especially Crazy Eyes. I totally didn't recognize her at all. I was out on Saturday night and missed the “How I Met Your Mother” panel, but I caught some of it on YouTube. Then late last night, I stayed up and watched the “Lost” reunion and yes, Ian Somerhalder was on the panel. No Jack, no Locke, but a lot of the cast and Damon Lindeloff were all in attendance. Here's the entire schedule if you're interested. The ones in bold are the ones I hope to catch.

Thursday, March 13: Opening Night Presentation: Veronica Mars Reunion (7 pm)
Friday, March 14: Orange Is the New Black (7 pm)
Saturday, March 15: How I Met Your Mother Farewell (7 pm)
Sunday, March 16: Pretty Little Liars (1 pm Matinee Presentation)
Sunday, March 16: Lost: 10th Anniversary Reunion (7 pm)
Tuesday, March 18: Parks and Recreation (7 pm)
Wednesday, March 19: Sleepy Hollow (7 pm)
Friday, March 21: Mad Men (7 pm)
Saturday, March 22: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals (7 pm)

Sunday, March 23: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1 pm Matinee Presentation)
Monday, March 24: Masters of Sex (7 pm)
Tuesday, March 25: The Mindy Project (7 pm)
Wednesday, March 26: Community (7 pm)
Thursday, March 27: Veep (7 pm)
Friday, March 28: Closing Night Presentation: American Horror Story: Coven (7:00 pm)

-Obviously I'm not home on weekday mornings to watch AM TV, but today's the day that Sam Champion launches his new weather morning show on The Weather Channel. As a fan of Sam's I do wish him luck.

Monday's Trivia Question: This is a Theme Week! Who played Jeff Bingham on “Rules of Engagement”?

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