"Revealed" by Jacqueline Corbelli -- A MyersBizNet Book Club Review

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Revealed by Jacqueline Corbelli is a compilation of thought leadership pieces that originally appeared in publications including The Huffington Post and MediaBizBloggers, updated with current points of view on the media ecosystem. Revealed also includes brand new original content. It is an excellent marketing read for all media professionals regardless of discipline or rank.


Corbelli is an innovator and industry leader and is well known for being a trailblazer in the connected TV space. She and her team at BrightLine have demonstrated a compelling case for connected television through their insights with research to back it. Full of case studies and best practices, Revealed provides marketers with more strategies for meaningful and powerful consumer engagement than ever before and many examples of how to reach the next-level of ad effectiveness across the digital spectrum.

Corbelli demonstrates this very effectively by connecting television behaviors to the increased use of connected TVs. Brands are now able to connect and interact with viewers rather than talking at them; in turn, consumers are spending significantly more time engaging with brands on connected television than other forms of advertising. Reaching consumers on their favorite screen, where they are most likely to interact, gives people the chance to connect with brands on their terms. Television and online viewing have both grown substantially but studies show that “97% of video viewing still happens on TV,” as Corbelli explains in the book.

Through their research and initiatives the team at BrightLine has positioned itself well as a leader in the connected television space. Revealed delivers a thoughtful perspective on the evolution of brand marketing as connected TV becomes the future of TV viewing. – By Christie Allen


Christie Allen is Director of Member Services for MyersBizNet. She has served in premium salesand services roles focused on Fortune 500 companies, most recently with the New York Yankees and previously with the Charlotte Hornets. Christie can be reached at christie@jackmyers.com .

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