RSM's George Casey and Gen AI: From the Art of the Possible to the Art of the Practical (Video)

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As MFMInSites "AI Month" continues, Joe Annotti interviewed George Casey, RSM's Advanced Analytics Practice Leader, about ways media and entertainment finance professionals should view generative AI as an ideal tool for their profession. While GenAI seems obvious for content creation, perhaps an even greater value may be in its ability to help finance professionals become even more efficient and effective in their jobs. Happily, for MFM, Casey is participating in all three Gen AI-focused Regional Meetings taking place this month and next in D.C., Atlanta and L.A.

Gen AI has evolved in the past five years from focusing solely on machine learning, predictive analytics and the like, Casey says, and has more recently brought in creative elements for content development. Just as companies were forced to move from physical to digital meetings, for example, they will also need to evolve the ways they trace and track elements such as licensing and royalties attached to content that may have been created by Chat GPT but originated from a person or a team.

"I've probably spent the last five years talking about the art of the possible," Casey said, "I'm now trying to get people excited about what's coming and some of the capabilities of these tools, but now I'm flipping the script a little bit to say 'Hey, what's the art of the practical? How do I start using this? And how do I make this meaningful from a business today?'" Casey believes that as organizations continue to shift to becoming data-driven, things like process automation -- whether it's robotic process automation, or even integrating AI elements --will force the continued evolution of the roles of finance professionals. "There's a saying that 'AI won't take your job, but someone who knows how to use AI will,'" Casey quipped. He is clearly trying to shed light for media and entertainment finance pros on all facets of a technology that doesn't appear to have any intention of going anywhere.

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