Safest Websites for Advertisers

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As YouTube struggles for advertiser acceptance, legacy media brands thrive.

YouTube might reject this video, which argues that YouTube has a long way to go before advertisers embrace the site as a safe place for their commercial messages. Advertisers looking for value in digital media might pay more attention to legacy media brands, which dominate advertisers’ top 25 choices of websites that offer the safest environment for their messages, according to the new Jack Myers Survey of Advertising Executives on Online Media Value and Sales Organization Performance. The full report on Safe Advertising Environment and four other evaluation categories are available to corporate subscribers at This week’s Jack Myers Video Report shares details on the top performing media brands for Safe Advertising Environment.

Subscribers can access the report at I share exclusive insights from the report in this week’s Video Media Business Report, available belowand through Reuters Insider iPad app, which is available at no cost to all Media Business Report subscribers.


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