The answer to Friday's Trivia Question: Samantha from Sex in the City's last name is Jones

FIRST FIVES : Ironically the first person with a correct answer was Samantha Baril, followed by Phyllis DiCesare, Jim Carter, Monica Caraffa, & Stephanie Baxter

Honorable Mention : Dani Jackel

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5

American Idol-FOX 5.1/15.5

The Big Bang Theory-CBS 3.1/11.5

Grey's Anatomy-ABC 3.0/8.8

Glee-FOX 2.7/6.9Kristy Carruba

Person of Interest-CBS 1.9/10.0

Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

NBA Basketball-TNT 251,567

Buckwild-MTV 145,712

NBA Basketball-TNT 101,506

Beyond Scared Straight-A&E 75,449

Project Runway-Lifetime 70,746

Thursday's Cable Top 5

Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.5/3.2

Buckwild-MTV 1.4/2.6

Suits-USA 1.1/3.7

American Dad-Adult Swim 1.1/2.3

Archer-FX 1.1/1.5

Thursday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

The Vampire Diaries-CW 563,745

American Idol-FOX 240,380

Glee-FOX 196,598

Grey's Anatomy-ABC 73,670

Big Bang Theory-CBS 56,418

Friday's Broadcast Top 5

Undercover Boss-CBS 1.4/7.0

Shark Tank-ABC 1.4/5.0

20/20-ABC 1.4/4.5

Kitchen Nightmares-FOX 1.3/3.7

Dateline-NBC 1.2/5.5

Friday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

Kitchen Nightmares-FOX 30,021

The Following-FOX 24,913

The Carrie Diaries-CW 20,366

Nikita-CW 12,888

Dateline-NBC 10,467

Friday's Cable Top 5


Friday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

NBA Basketball-ESPN 79,747

WWE-Syfy 77,259

Easter Island Underworld-Nat Geo

Spartacus-Starz 37,913

Fashion Police-E!

Late Night Ratings for the week of 1/14/13-1/18/13

Leno .8/3.5

The Daily Show .8/1.7

Letterman .7/3.2

Kimmel .7/2.7

Colbert .6/1.3

Fallon .5/1.7

Conan .4/.9

Nightline .4 /1.7

Ferguson .4/1.4

Carson .3/.9

Early Morning Ratings for the week of 1/14/13-1/18/13

Today Show-1.7/2.0


CBS This Morning .9/1.0

Screen Actors Guild Awards

Red Carpet

  • Liked the color of Giuliana's dress, didn't love the side swept hair.
  • It looked like Giulianna was standing in the back room of a flower shop or nursery or something with all that crap. around her.
  • Morena Bacharin from Homeland looked beautiful
  • Michelle Dockery's dress was really pretty and very sexy with a ton of side boobage
  • Jessica Chastain looked beautiful, loved her dress.
  • Clean shaven, long haired Bradley Cooper...YUMMY
  • Hated Julianne Moore's dress but felt she was going for a SAGgy theme.
  • NPH can do no wrong...Love him
  • Jennifer Lawrence looked good for a person with walking Pnemonia
  • I loved loved Tina Fey's hair. If I ever go to a black tie thing...I want my hair like hers/
  • Lots of black and blue dresses and side parts on the red carpet
  • Julie Bowen's hair looked messy and she always seems like she's had an entire pot of coffee.
  • I actually didn't like Sofia Vergara's dress
  • I seriously LIVE for the moment Ben and Jen are on screen. Their little smooch on the red carpet warmed my heart.
  • Marion Cotillard had the flu but decide to bring her germs to the red carpet anyway.
  • Didn't it look like Nicole Kidman's dress was falling apart.
  • Justin Timberlake looked ultra-handsome but I didn't think his jacket, shirt and tie matched which would be really weird since his new song is called "Suit & Tie".
  • Is the cool new word to describe people FIERCE? It seemed to be thrown around a lot on the red carpet.
  • Frieda Pinto looked like she was wearing a bad wig.
  • Jennifer Gardner looked sooooo pretty, I can't believe that body had 3 kids!
  • Hugh Jackman and Giuliana singing to each other gave me doosh chills (sorry if I offended anyone but that's the only way to describe it)
  • Claire Danes dress made her look like she had armpit fat.
  • How in the world did Ross Mathews get famous?


The Show

  • I love the "I'm an Actor" stories that open the show.
  • How cute was Darren Criss with his SAG card story?
  • Dying to know what the food was on every one's plate. I had some Young Chow Brown Rice in case you were wondering.
  • Best Film Actor in a Supporting Role -Tommy Lee Jones and of course the cranky dude wasn't there to accept his award. Figures, I bet even winning wouldn't even have gotten a smile outta that guy.
  • On the red carpet, Bradley Cooper looked hot, but when he was presenting, he looked like a Bee Gee.
  • Best Film Actress in a Supporting Role- Anne Hathaway whose hair is growing out nicely
  • Our troops watch the SAG awards? Not sure why that surprises me, seems like they'd have more important things to do.
  • Best TV Actor in a Comedy Series -Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock
  • Best TV Actress in a Comedy Series- Tina Fey...yeah! (Edie Falco looked pained)
  • Not sure if anyone actually eats their dinner. Maybe they don't want their peers to see them eat real food.
  • Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series- The cast of Modern Family (Edie Falco again looked like she was going to take out a gun and shoot someone)
  • Did I miss Jane Lynch's S &M dress on the red carpet?
  • Outstanding Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries- Julianne Moore and I'm pretty sure we saw a nip slip when she was walking up to get her award.
  • Sigourney Weaver could use a little
  • Outstanding Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries- Kevin Costner but he wasn't there to get his award. Bummer he's great at acceptance speeches.
  • Don't want to piss off the union's...give them some air time
  • Lifetime Achievement Award to Dick Van Dyke . The name Dick still makes me chuckle. Dick looked like he fell asleep tanning, but he looks awesome for 87!
  • New TNT show, Monday Mornings, looks great but I don't watch anything medical.
  • Outstanding Actor in a TV Drama Series - Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad. YEAH! Sort of happy it wasn't Damien Lewis
  • After carefully studying the food on peoples plates, it looked like a steak salad type of thing.
  • Dev Patel looks like Dipti Patel my old bank teller at TD Banknorth.
  • Busy Phillips looked really gorgeous
  • Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series -Claire Danes who went from Best Dressed two weeks ago to worst dressed last night. How does that happen?
  • Jessica Chastain went from worst to first in the dress category. Maybe Claire's stylist helped Jessica and forgot Claire?
  • Outstanding Ensemble of a Drama Series -Downton Abbey!!! exclamation used upon hearing this news by Mrs. Hughes...Shut the French Windows! OMG classic Downton. Side boobage alert again with Michelle Dockery's dress. Perfect to have Mrs. Hughes accept the award.
  • Sally Field could wear that dress to looks like "special" lingerie to me.
  • Outstanding Actress in a Movie- Jennifer Lawrence
  • Outstanding Actor in a Movie- Daniel Day Lewis, he did look JUST like Lincoln, but I'm guessing that his acceptance speech was just as boring as the movie.
  • Did you notice that Adam from Girls was in the Lincoln clip?
  • Not a Jude Law Fan
  • Outstanding Ensemble in a Movie- Argo YEAH! Take that Academy...WTF were you guys thinking not nominating my Ben?


Last night's Downton Abbey still has me reeling this morning. The episode started out with all of the women eating breakfast in bed. Robert informed Cora that Sir Philip was coming to help deliver Lady Cybil's baby even though the family doctor, Dr. Clarkson was more than qualified. But since Dr. Clarkson misdiagnosed Matthew and Lavigna he wanted a second opinion. In the mean time, Alfred the new footman was doing so well, that Thomas gave him clock winding as a new responsibility which I guess is some sort of promotion. Thomas seemed to be a bit touchy with Alfred, and he didn't like it one bit. The weather must be cold and dry in Downton as most of the women seemed to be in desperate need of Chapstick or Blistex or something, all of their lips were very dry and cracked. Did you notice that? Anna finally got to speak to Bates (If I put the Mr. in there it just makes me chuckle, so I'm trying something new today.) Bates filled her in with his new pie conspiracy theory, so basically it is truly a "proof is in the pie" defense (I know its pudding, but just go with me here). Mrs. Crawley hired Ethel to work for her, because she loves to help people and cause a lot of drama. Her current cook, Mrs. Bird wanted no part of a prostitute in the house and quit. Just as dinner was to be served, crisis in the kitchen...the hollandaise sauce curdled, but we all learned thanks to the new footman that if you just add some eggs crisis averted. they can eat...nope...Lady Cybil goes into labor and the doctors start to argue. Dr. Clarkson, the family doctor thought that Lady Cybil was showing signs of Toxemia and Preclampsia but Robert and Sir Philip didn't agree. Lady Cybil delivered a baby girl and everything seemed fine....AND THEN...SHE FREAKING DIED!!! I was crying hysterically and shocked. I had no idea she was going to die. Just as the tears are streaming down my face, Lady Mary and Lady Edith are standing over their dead sisters body and Lady Edith asks Lady Mary if now they will get along better and her classic reply with her deadpan look..."doubt it". Next week...funeral. OMG I don't remember the last time I was caught so off guard. Great secret keeping or I'm just not reading the right stuff.

-I didn't love my guy, Adam Levine on SNL. The show wasn't great, but I had high hopes with the opening Voice spoof which ended with a shirtless Adam, but for me that was the highlight of the show.


-So sick of hearing how NBC is treating Ann Curry...just put woman out of her misery and let her go already. I read yesterday that now, Ann is no longer allowed to appear on live TV. Recorded video only. Not sure what NBC's afraid she'll do...kill Matt? I mean really, this is just ridiculous already.

-The Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel show from Thursday night was such a smash that ABC is going to air the show in Primetime tomorrow night at 10pm. If you didn't listen to me and catch it over the weekend, you have to check it out tomorrow! It's truly "Must See TV". Thursday's show was not only a ratings winner against RA18-49, it also lead in total tweets and unique users. Thursday's episode also generated more tweets than any other episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live on record up more than 230% more than average. The shows YouTube channel delivered 550,000 views immediately following the airing of last night's episode.

-I consider myself somewhat of an expert on celebrities and granted I'm not 22, but when I read the list of "celebrities" that are participating in ABC's diving show, Splash, I honestly had to Google some of these people. Let me if you did too: Louie Anderson (I knew him), Drake Bell, Chuy Bravo, Nicole Eggert, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Ndamukong Suh, Katherine Webb, & Kendra Wilkinson.

-For all of you guys who were waiting for info on the return All My Children and One Life to Live, we now know that beginning this Spring, the new shows will be available on Hulu, Hulu plus and ITunes. Congrats got your shows back, maybe this is the beginning of a new model...I hope it does well for all of our sakes.

It's Super bowl

Monday's Super bowl Trivia Question:
Where was the first Super Bowl held?

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