SeeHer and Shutterstock Join Forces to Highlight Asian American and Pacific Islander Women and Girls

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Shutterstock, the leading global creative platform for transformative brands and media companies, today launched a vertical on their e-commerce site in partnership with SeeHer, the largest global movement to eliminate gender bias in media and advertising. The vertical highlights women and girls of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and will live on Shutterstock's e-commerce website. The collection is complementary to Shutterstock's other initiatives, including educational events and cultural celebrations of the company's AAPI-identifying employees, as well as SeeHer's efforts to elevate AAPI females, including their recently announced AAPI #WriteHerRight storytelling guide for media, advertising and entertainment.

For the collection, Shutterstock and SeeHer, an organization working to ensure that media, advertising, tech and entertainment companies are accurately portraying women and girls in their content, curated a collection of images of AAPI women and girls for the page. SeeHer also consulted on other sections of the vertical that highlight AAPI trailblazers, entertainers, stories, communities and more. The AAPI page will help Shutterstock customers more easily access diverse, authentic imagery to consider for marketing and entertainment campaigns. The new collection will remain a permanent page on Shutterstock's website so marketers can access the imagery all year long.

"We work closely with members to ensure that all women and girls can see themselves reflected in the content they consume -- across advertising, media and more," said Jeannine Shao Collins, President, SeeHer, Association of National Advertisers. "We are pleased to partner with Shutterstock, a global member of the SeeHer movement, to help provide their customers with easier ways to access authentic imagery of AAPI women and culture. We cannot underestimate the power of visual storytelling and we know that using an intersectional lens in every aspect of marketing must be a business imperative."

"Authentic representation is at the heart of our content and our company, and we are thrilled that this collaboration with SeeHer taps into their expertise to curate a collection of images that are reflective of the incredible diversity of the AAPI community," said Meeckel Beecher, Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Shutterstock. "Providing creatives and marketers with relatable, real content is the first step to ensuring historically excluded communities, including Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, have a strong presence in media during the month of May, and beyond."

The AAPI collection can be accessed here.

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