The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: The Brady's competed in building a House of Cards in order to determine what to get with their trading stamps.

FIRST FIVES: Heather Doyle, Jim Wall, Jen Ragusa, Dan Realson, & Doreen Dolan

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5

The Voice-NBC 4.4/11.9

NCIS-CBS 3.3/18.0

NCIS LA-CBS 2.9/15.1

Go On - NBC 2.8/6.9

New Girl-FOX 2.7/4.9Kristy Carruba

Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

The Voice-NBC 210,706

Dancing with the Stars-ABC 76,730

New Girl-FOX 62,077

NCIS-CBS 42,570

Parenthood-NBC 35,292

Tuesday's Cable Top 5

Sons of Anarchy-FX 2.3/4.3

BET Hip Hop Awards-BET 1.6/3.0

Keyshia & Daniel: Family-BET 1.5/2.9

MLB Division Series-TBS 1.5/4.2

TOSH.0-Comedy Central

Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

BET Hip Hop Awards-BET 2,640,975

Sons of Anarchy-FX 102,388

Keyshia & Daniel: Family First-BET 72,851

MLB Playoffs-TBS 60,793

Tosh.0-Comedy Central 37,063

-For those of you that have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I was and still am a fan of a show that unfortunately is no longer on the air called Friday Night Lights which was perhaps one of the best dramas ever on television. The guy behind that show is a guy named Jason Katims. Jason Katims is also the guy behind Parenthood and he is brilliant. Tuesday Jason+Katimsnight's episode of Parenthood was truly amazing television. I kept track...I cried at the 17 minute mark, the 26 minute mark, the 48 minute mark and the 56 minute mark for about 10 minutes straight. Jason Katims wrote this episode and again, the show is about real moments. The acting is the best I've seen since Friday Night Lights and you just find yourself caring so deeply for this Braverman family...all of them. For those of you that don't watch Parenthood, you need to. If you didn't listen to me on FNL and you didn't listen to me on Breaking Bad, listen to me now. It's not too late to just jump in. There were a lot of those real moments in Tuesday's episode and I could type for hours, but I will call out two of them. The first one was Victor's baseball game. (Victor is the adopted son of Joel & Julia). The reason the scene was so good is because we all thought that Victor was going to get up to the plate and strike out and the Braverman's were going to cheer him on and make him feel like he was part of the family anyway. Sure we hoped he'd actually hit the ball, but we thought he wouldn't....and then... he did and because it was 9 year olds playing, what should have been an easy out became a home run and the Braverman's were all there cheering him on and making him feel like he was part of the family...all but one...his new Mom. So while we were all happy, we also knew how bad Julia was going to feel not being there to see it. That was the first moment. The second moment didn't have any words at was the last scene when Hattie, who was away at Cornell, came home because she found out her Mom has breast Cancer. Nobody knew why she was home and Kristina and Adam had to tell them all. But we saw it purely through their reactions with a music soundtrack, because sometimes there are no was a real was amazing and I thank Jason Katims for making TV this good. Oh, and if you haven't figured it out...the photo above is Jason. I hope I get to meet him someday and thank him for moving me to tears 4 times in an hour.

-After the crying, I needed some comic relief so into my DVR I went to catch Tuesday's Ben & Kate who decided a Scavenger Hunt contest like the used to do when they were kids would be the best way to decide who would do the housework for a month. Considering that nobody seems to Ben+%26+Kateactually work on this show, I wouldn't think it would be a big deal to do some housework done between but that wouldn't make for a funny show. Ben of course grabbed Tommy to help him and Kate grabbed BJ (hee hee hee) to help her. Ben and Tommy didn't even try to win the contest and Kate and BJ (hee hee hee) needed even more help, so what did they do? Take Maddie, the token super adorable kid out of school to teach her what can happen to you if you don't stay in school. I hope FOX gives the show the green light soon so Ben can get that much needed dental work. His teeth are really distracting. The shows cute, but definitely not a Season Pass.

-I don't ever remember a season of Survivor where it rained so much. Everyone's hands and feet are so pruny and gross, it's a wonder they can actually do anything. It's seems extra tough to stay warm and dry and even harder to cook food to eat when you can't build a fire. 2 of the 3 teams have yet to even see what Tribal Council looks like because only Matsing, has gone there so far. While annoying veteran Jonathan and the baseball MVP guy I never heard of, Jeff, are aligned on their tribe, Pete is causing chaos and putting a wedge between huge boobed RC and the scary Brazilian chick, Abi's Survivorin his tribe. This week's challenge was a very muddy one and of course...Matsing lost again. It was really really close, but upon losing, Russell went mental and started ranting to God, but unfortunately it was back to Tribal they went. While making themselves TV ready before Tribal, Denise had to pick a huge chunk of mud out of Malcolm's was gross and yet, oddly enjoyable to watch. I have to admit that I wasn't 100% sure who was going home in the end, but as originally expected and anticipated, SPOILER ALERT: Russell was sent packing.

-It's bad enough to have to wait an extra day every week to watch Hart of Dixie (just a reminder, I don't have the CW thanks to Mr. Dolan and Cablevision) but it's going to kill me to have to wait an extra day for Vampire Diaries which premiere's tonight for all of you that are lucky enough to still have the CW. Hart of Dixie was great this week, lots of shirtlessness and sexual tension between Wade and Zoey. They still supposedly don't like each other but they can't stop sleeping together (actually, they never really sleep). Wade bet Zoey that she can't stay away from him for 48 hours. Lots of things keep them both occupied and Zoey actually does win the bet. In the mean time Rose, the teen in need character they only bring in when they need to, needs a singer for her music festival that she miraculously put together in a Hart+of+Dixieday, and to make a long story short...George Tucker can actually sing pretty well. Mayor Lavon got a shocker...he thought Ruby wanted him (she did lead him on a bit in my opinion)... turns out she was just gathering info on him that she is going to use when she runs against him for Mayor. Guys are so dumb, and I hate Ruby now. Lemon tried something she's never done before...working. As expected, she isn't very good at it she stunk as a waitress. Now she needs to figure out if there's anything in BlueBell that she can actually do to make money. Also...I'm not positive, but I think her real name is Lemonade, need to confirm that but that's what her Daddy called her during serious chat time and you know that parents always use your full name when they have something important to talk you about.

-ABC ran two episodes of Modern Family last night. Both were really funny but there was something off. Gloria looked more pregnant in the first episode than in the second one. In the first episode everyone started school. Hailey left for college, Lily started Kindergarten and Jay and Modern+FamilyGloria went to prenatal classes because Manny thought it was important. Of course Jay and Gloria thought the teacher and the class was ridiculous. Best part of episode one was the Gay men vs. the Lesbian's in the principal's office and then the subsequent playdate...tons of great lines back and forth between both couples. Cam vs. Pam...Awesome. Phil gave Hailey a book called "Phil's Philosophy" that started out funny but got old fast (to me anyway). In the second episode which I preferred purely because there was less Lily, Mitch was trying to get Cam to go back to work and that wasn't going over well, but we did find out where he gets all of those crazy loud shirts. Phil went for a vasectomy and left. One, Alex went Goth and then went back. Gloria went almost naked...funny stuff all around, but I have a feeling there was some continuity issues with the Gloria part...anyone see what I was talking about?

-I meant to remind you all to watch the premiere of Nashville last night. If you missed it because of me and your lack of DVR skills, check it out online or maybe ABC will rerun it before next week's episode, I'll keep an eye out and let you know. I'm hoping you were watching Modern Family and just didn't change the channel. I had seen the pilot during the upfronts and called this one as the hit of the season back then. I hope I'm right. The show is a soap opera set up in the music business and follows 3 singers in Nashville, all at very different stages of their careers. Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights is the veteran who isn't selling as many records as she used to, and Hayden Panatiere is the hot up and coming singer who is a total b*tch. (I think she's one in real life too) Please let me know if you checked it out and if you liked it...I hope I was right about this one! Can't wait for the ratings.

-On the X Factor we found out who made it through to the judges fake houses, which coach got which team, and which celebrity was helping them out. Demi Lovato, my current favorite got the 17-24 year olds which did include Cece the leopard girl and Paige her arch nemesis. Demi's celeb friend was Nick Jonas (who I'm pretty sure she used to date) who, like his brother, refuses to wear pants that extend to his ankles and continues to wear shoes without socks. Not a good look. Britney had her "friend" Will.I.AM from the Black Eyed Peas and the teens which included my favorite, Carly Rose Sonnenclare. Funny, I don't see Brit and Will hanging out watching Idol and playing with the kids, but of course I could have it all wrong. LA was pissed that he was given the Over 25's especially because I'm sure he called in a big favor to get Bieber and Scooter Braun over to help him coach. 2 of my faves, Vino and Tate made it through to LA's team. Simon got the groups, which isn't my favorite team. He also got mysterious Mark Anthony to help him. They did what they did last year and went out to all the sad rejects and put some of them into groups. So the sparkly eye patch girl did make it through, but now she's part of a group. We only got to see Demi and Simon's team perform last night and we don't know who will make it to the next round yet. I couldn't stand when the judges kept referring to the homes as "my house" when we know that none of them actually lived in any of them. I felt bad that Sofie Tweed Simmons and Jeff the single Dad didn't make it through, but I got over it fast. Of course it was a Bieber tease since he was only on the show for under 2 minutes, but he'll be back tonight!

I think the Friday Night Lights actor count for the night was 3...Luke Cafferty in Parenthood, Jason Street in Hart of Dixie and Tami Taylor in Nashville. I realized that this AM.

Drumroll please...the first show of the 2012/2013 season to be cancelled is...Made in New Jersey. Congrats to WWTM reader Emily Dillon who called this one at the Upfronts in May.

Sad news, that NFL player and Webster's dad, Alex Karas passed away. RIP Mr. Papadapolis.

For all of you Secret Life of the American Teenager fans or parents of fans, the next season will be the last one. I hope your teenagers don't get moody and angry and never speak to you again once they hear the news. According to my niece, the show should have ended a while ago, she's already on to the next thing. I dumped Netflix a while ago, when they raised the prices. These days when I need a movie or TV show I either go to Amazon Prime Instant Video or ITunes. Netflix has 25 million subscribers and Amazon currently is somewhere between 3 and 4 million subscribers, but they're newer. Just thought I'd share that with you. Some Trendrr data from this week's BET Hip Hop Awards:

  • 2.6 million total Twitter posts throughout Tuesday, 2.3 million of which occurred during the telecast.
  • 54% of tweets came from men, 46% came from women.
  • 70% of viewers who tweeted ceremony did so from their mobile devices, while 30% used the web.
  • The top 5 social TV markets were NYC, Atlanta, LA, Philly, and Chicago.

Thursday's Trivia Question: Name one of the songs by The Silver Platters

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