Friday, March 7, 2014

The Answer to Thursday’s Trivia Question: Sara Gilbert played Darlene Conner on “Roseanne.”

First Fives: Heather Doyle, Katie McCartney, Stephanie Baxter, Bill McLaughlin and Mike O'Dea

Honorable Mention: Christine Clarke


Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5
Modern Family-ABC 3.4/9.2
American Idol-Fox 2.7/10.5
Criminal Minds-CBS 2.6/11.4
Survivor-CBS 2.4/9.5
The Middle-ABC 1.9/7.3

Wednesday's Cable Top 5
Duck Dynasty-A&E 2.5/6.1
Wahlburgers-A&E 1.3/2.8
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.0/2.7
Workaholics-Comedy Central .9/1.3
Real World Ex-plosion-MTV .9/1.3

Wednesday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
American Idol-Fox 63,700 Tweets
The Real World:Ex-plosion-MTV 23,800 Tweets
Workaholics-Comedy Central 23,000 Tweets
Duck Dynasty-A&E 21,300 Tweets
Chelsea Lately-E! 4,100 Tweets

Late Night Ratings for the week of 2/24/14-2/28/14 (2nd week of Jimmy 1st of Seth)

Fallon 1.8/5.5
Meyers 1.0/2.7
Kimmel .7/2.6
The Daily Show.7/1.6
Colbert .6/1.3
Letterman .5/ 2.7

Nightline .4/1.6

Ferguson .4/1.3

Daly .4/1.2

Conan .4/.8

Early Morning Ratings for the week of 2/24/14-2/28/14

Today Show 2.0/2.3
GMA 1.9/2.3
CBS This AM .9/1.0


The Vampire Diaries

Katherine was up against the clock trying to save Nadia's life, but the gang figured out that Katherine wasn't dead, then Katherine figured out that the gang knew she wasn't dead, then the gang figured out that Katherine knew they knew she wasn't dead. Damon attacked Tyler and then killed Wes the crazy doctor and regained his strength. They all got Nadia and lured Katherine over. Nadia's REALLY dead and I got nervous that Katherine wasn't. She wouldn't cross through Bonnie to the other side. Thankfully she got pulled into hell, so I am pretty sure that she's actually dead and Elena's back. Problem is that Katherine put some crazy stuff from Nadia's blood into Elena which means she's going to need the gang to find some antidote or whatever to fix her and get her back...AGAIN! Matt's gotta be the strongest dude I know. I mean this guy cannot catch a break. EVERYONE he knows is some sort of supernatural being or dead. He definitely cared about Nadia and now he's digging a hole for her. He also is the only one with a job and still goes to school for real -- and remember, he has no parents or siblings or anyone. Why he hasn't begged to become a vampire at this point makes no sense at all.


Is ANYONE watching “Reign”? You REALLY need to be watching it. I watched the censored version last night and sat through Tresemme, Verizon, Keds, Clorex, Kohls, Degree and a bunch of other commercials just so I could see the King and Kenna's and Mary and Francis' uncensored sex scenes. Brilliant move on The CW's part but let me save you the trouble ... I couldn't see any difference. Maybe a tiny bit of extra skin on Kenna and a few extra thrusts between Francis and Mary; it totally wasn't worth it, but it is still a great strategy. I don't know what I was thinking they'd show. Kids are still going to go online to see it. I had forgotten that back in the day, everyone had to watch the consummation of a royal marriage. That had to be super awkward, but Francis didn't let all those eyes stop him, he was apparently able to "perform." The king made Bash watch which had to just kill him. Of course Mary felt his eyes blazing on her while his bro was giving it to her big time. Mary chose Francis once she knew that the prophecy had changed and he would live, but who knows what the story is. Nostradamus saw Clarissa dead and now she's not. So Bash is devastated and in danger, Clarissa's on the loose, the Queen's not going to be beheaded and I'm betting that now that Francis and Mary are married, Lola's going to be pregnant with Francis's baby. need to watch this show!

Parks and Recreation

Only Ron Swanson would have a baby and not tell anyone. Only Ron Swanson would name his kid "John, redacted middle name, Swanson" and only Ron Swanson would be able to talk Leslie Knope from leaving the Pawnee Parks Department for the National Park Service...for now.


So the OMG's from the show last night were:

1) Andrew knows EVERY secret about Mellie

2) Adnan Salif is not only a woman but she's working with Olivia's Mom

3) Andrew and Mellie made out right in front of Jackie O and all the other first ladies

4) Kerry Washington's SOOOO pregnant

5) Jake took his shirt off and my crush on Noel came flooding BACK (I was always team Noel)

6) Tom the security guard is B613.

Question: If B613 spies on the White House, who is B613's boss, the CIA?


Most of us know at this point in our lives what waiting for results of medical tests feels like. It's horrible. Didn't you feel that anxiety for Kristina? I mean, I read everything about every show and I hadn't heard she'd be getting cancer again, but just like in real life, you just never know. "The Waiting Is The Hardest Part!" (Name the singer). I breathed a huge sigh of relief after she got the "everything's okay see you in six months" phone call, didn't you? Sydney's making things soooo difficult for Julia and Joel. Actually Julia's not helping things at all either. Do we think dinner with Ed was a good idea? Are you guys hating Natalie as much as I am? Are you guys hating Drew's haircut as much as I am? Amber is such an awesome big sister, you'd think she'd scream at Drew to cut that hair before making him go to a party and pinky swear he'd make out with someone. Okay, so did Sarah basically break up with the doctor for good? WHY? I LOVED HIM! Couldn't the year of Sarah be shortened? He was a good one. She is the worst when it comes to men, isn't she? So glad Camille stuck it to Crosby after he called her selfish for wanting to sell the house. I don't want them to sell either, that house is like another character in the show, but I do see it from all sides, especially hers. I get it. I sort of always felt that “Parenthood” would end when that house was sold. It's really the Braverman glue.


-I gave up Grey's Anatomy when Isaiah Washington was still on the show. I remember when he was written out and all of the controversy. Well, he's coming back for the show in May when Sandra Oh leaves. I have no idea what's going on over at “Grey's.” Could he be coming back for her? I'm never going back to that show, so I'll have to read about it in May.

-TBS renewed “Ground Floor” for a second season. I did watch the pilot. It did nothing for me though. Anyone still into this one?

-FX renewed Archer for 2 more seasons. You guys know I don't do animation, so this one's not a big deal to me, but I know there are a lot of “Archer” people out there, so Happy Friday to you guys.

-Top Late Night Show Hosts based on the newest Q Score ratings were released yesterday. Keep in mind that this survey was done prior to Jimmy Fallon taking over “The Tonight Show” and Seth Meyers leaving “SNL.” I'm honestly very surprised but I'm sure that the rankings will change the next time the survey is taken.
1.Stephen Colbert
2. John Oliver
3. Jon Stewart
4. Seth Meyers
5. Jay Leno
6. Andy Cohen
7. Jimmy Fallon
8. Letterman and Carson Daly (tie)

9. Arsenio Hall

-Remember the game show “Treasure Hunt”? All those boxes that contestants got to pick from? Geoff Edwards was a great game show host. He passed away yesterday at the age of 83. RIP Geoff!

Friday's Trivia Question
: This week’s trivia answers were: Lupita Nygong'o, John Krasinski, Rashida Jones and Sara Gilbert. What's do they all have in common?

Have a great weekend !


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