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The answer to Monday's Trivia Question: Kelly Taylor's half-sister's name was Erin Silver

FIRST FIVES: Jim Wall, Candace Gorin, Stephanie Baxter, Alison Brenner, & Jennifer Ragusa

The answer to Monday's Blog Only Trivia Question: Khaleesi's husband's name was Kal

FIRST FIVES: Nobody even gave it a shot...bummer

Friday's Cable Top 5

NBA-ESPN 1.0/2.3


WWE-Syfy .8/2.7


MONSTERS INC-Disney .8/3.2

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5






Sunday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5






Sunday's Cable Top 5

Still N/A

Sunday's Cable Trendrr Top 5




MAD MEN-AMC 85,816

FROZEN PLANET-Discovery 63,697

-CeeLo Green apparently had a really bad gas problem last night during THE VOICE...so much so that he had to use a little red fan to help "air things out", but as we all know...farts are funny...even to big time celebrities, so there were a lot of giggles and laughs among the judges. Finally everyone calmed down and focused back on the competition at hand. After Jamar and Katrina performed, CeeLo donned a crazy wig and sang "Dancin in the Street" with his team inside a giant TV set. (Old school model, CeeLo couldn't fit inside a flat screen). Then when CeeLo performed with Goody Mob (???) he wore a gold suit of armor with these crazy white teeth covers...I have no idea how he sang with those things in his mouth. Carson Daly's tie looked like he dipped it into can of brown paint didn't it? I thought Katrina Parker was the best of the night. Even though she looked like Adele, she didn't sing an Adele song thankfully...she sang "Jar of Hearts"...refreshing and she nailed it. Another surprise was Cheesa's (pronounced Chessa) rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing"...impressive...it's hard to pull off Whitney.

CeeLo got rid of James thank goodness

Adam got rid of Pip...Pip wouldn't have won, but Mattei, in my opinion should have gone home before Pip.

-What a shame for Bethenny and Jason and their peeps to go all the way to the One and Only Palmilla resort in Mexico and still be bickering back and forth and be miserable. It's just so uncomfortable and unnerving to watch. It does completely prove the point that money and fame don't bring happiness, but it also proves that you can be miserable in a beautiful location, while eating amazing food, served by a wonderful staff. It was hard for me to believe that the One and Only Palmilla resort serves Skinny Girl Margarita's at their hotel, but they did when Bethenny was there. Bethenny ended up having a great birthday, but based on the previews for next week, the good times don't last long...I really am rooting for Bethenny and Jason but it is getting harder week after week to watch it all. They should stay in and watch a marathon of ICE LOVES COCO for pointers...

-ICE LOVES COCO so much that he set up the most awesome anniversary trip to Hawaii to celebrate their 11 years together. Ya gotta give Coco credit...she took one surfing lesson (or at least that's what the editors have lead us to believe) and then goes out there in tiny bikini bottoms and her huge bubble butt and completely balances her upper and lower assets enough to rides the waves in while Ice proudly looked on. Then after that, Ice took Coco to experience her very first real waterfall ever...apparently all of the photos you may have seen of Coco in a waterfall were all photoshopped! Shocking right? Next up, zip-lining in yet another crazy tight outfit. I wonder if Ice ever gets tired of looking at Coco...I don't! In between all the fun stuff...Ice says such nice, loving things to his wife...and she says equally as nice stuff back to him. Ice was in the Army in 1978 and stationed in Hawaii, so while they were in town, they drove the Bentley over to the barracks and said hey to our troops. If that wasn't the most perfect anniversary day ever, Ice topped it all off with a private luau waiting back at the awesome house they rented, just like the one she always wanted after seeing it on THE BRADY BUNCH...I knew I loved Ice and Coco before, but knowing that Coco is a BRADY BUNCH fan just took her up a notch on my belt! So sad that next week is the finale already. Anyone know their number? I want to invite them over for dinner during the break.

-There is something wrong with me and with most of America...How in the world did someone like Theresa Giudice become just as famous as George Clooney? How??? I know how, and I know that I am part of the problem, but seriously after watching Sunday's REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY I have concluded that Theresa and her family bring no redeeming value to society whatsoever. Theresa is a horrible role model for her daughters. You can already see that they are all headed for disaster. Milania is one of the most horrible children I've ever seen. Joe Giudice is just a disgusting, despicable excuse for a man. Here's the thing though...I shouldn't watch it...I shouldn't and I just know that I will watch every single episode. It's like crack. Sure I could be watching ANYTHING else, but no...I will keep watching this train wreck until the last episode airs...so I ask again...What is wrong with me?

-3 strikes and I am officially out of THE CLIENT LIST...It's not that it's a bad show, it's just that it seems to become more Lifetimey every week. With the odd exception of the word sh*t making a surprise appearance in Sunday's episode, the show was just too sweet and we rarely get to meet any of the clients on the list...I wanted the show to become more HBO'y or Showtimey if ya know what I mean but who was I kidding...Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lifetime...not a chance. So, while I have nothing against it, I have officially cut it from my Sunday lineup.

-Jesse Palmer from ESPN was back as Kelly's host on LIVE WITH KELLY Monday. He's cute, and I'm pretty sure I mention this every time he's been on, but he has extremely large hands. Necklace is still M.I.A thankfully and the outfit was fine.

-Top 5 DVR'ed shows:






-ComScore's online video numbers from March:

· 181 million people watched nearly 37 billion online videos in March 2012.

· Leaders on this front were the usual suspects: Google/YouTube, Yahoo!, VEVO, Facebook and Viacom Digital ranked at the top in terms of unique viewers,

· Google/YouTube and Hulu remained the kings of online video in terms of average minutes per viewer.

· On the video ad front, Americans watched more than 8.37 billion online video ads, a new record, with Hulu delivering more than 1.75 billion video ad views on its own, which is also a new record. Google slotted in at second with nearly 1.27 billion video ads during March, followed by BrightRoll Video Network (953 million), Adap.tv (892 million) and Specific Media (775 million). \

· 83.5% of the U.S. internet audience viewed online video.

· The duration of the average online video was 6.4 minutes, while the average online video ad was 0.4 minutes.

· Video ads represented 18.5% of all video ads viewed, and 1.5% of all minutes spent viewing online video content.

-Mariska Hargitay knows a good thing when she sees it and has already signed on for another season of LAW & ORDER SVUeven though it has not been officially renewed yet. She's smart and obviously paid attention to the negotiations of her ex-cohost Chris Meloni who was cut loose when he tried to hold out for more dough a while back...Has anyone seen Chris Meloni lately?

-Seacrest In apparently...Not that there was ever any doubt to most of us, but it is now official...Ryan Seacrest, will continue as host of AMERICAN IDOL. The producers apparently just can't imagine the show without him...When I first read the news, I thought again about Ryan taking over NEW YEAR'S ROCKIN EVE, and what Dick would think... then I started thinking about good old Brian Dunkleman and how he too must be rolling over in his grave...oh...wait...Dunkleman's not dead...is he? Where is he now? I smell a VH1 BEHIND THE TV SHOW special...

The Internet just got its own Hall of Fame on Monday and will induct 33 visionaries into it including Ray Tomlinson (who invented email and the @ symbol), Al Gore & Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, the other 30, I had no idea who they were and when I Googled them, I still wasn't sure I understand most of what they did...so these are 3 I either had heard of or understood their contributions importance. Congrats to all of the inductees...we all can't imagine our lives without the Internet, so thanks for everything!

-Matthew Perry is going to give it another shot on NBC with a new show called GO ON...how many is that now for him since FRIENDS ended?

-Giulianna and Bill are FINALLY having a baby via surrogate. After all they have been through, I have to admit I am really happy for them both. I hope they remember just how much they went through to have this baby in their lives when they are sleep deprived, covered in spit-up and can only listen to Wiggle's music 24 hours a day.

Tuesday's Trivia Question: You all did so well with Elaine Benes' middle name...let's see if you can remember what Chandler Bing's middle name is.

Tuesday's Blog Only Trivia Question: Who was Mariska Hargitay's Mom?

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