The answer to Friday's Trivia Question: Hank Azaria is currently the voice of Moe on The Simpsons and was in last years, quickly cancelled, Free Agents

FIRST FIVES : Bobby Aguilera, Mike O'Dea, Tara Dowling, Dan Realson & Jim Carter

Honorable Mention : Daniel Block
Theme : All of the actors and actresses that were answers to the trivia questions all guest starred on Friends. It was definitely a tough one, gotta give huge kudos to Karen Feldman who got it right on Tuesday!!!

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
The Big Bang Theory (830p)-CBS 6.1/20.4
The Big Bang Theory (8p)-CBS 5.5/18.9
The Crazy Ones-CBS 3.9/15.5
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 3.4/9.2
Two and a Half Men-CBS 2.9/11.5

Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5Kristy Carruba

Glee-FOX 356,189
Grey's Anatomy-FOX 329,529
The X Factor-FOX 248,062
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 165,292
Parks & Recreation-NBC 77,100

Thursday's Cable Top 5

Thursday Night Football-NFL Network 3.2/7.6
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.1/2.5
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.0
The Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/1.8
College Football-ESPN .8/2.3

Thursday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

NFL Football-NFL Network 181,427
Impact Wrestling-Spike 22,225
Project Runway-Lifetime 19,088
Tamar & Vince-We 10,645
Piers Morgan Live-CNN 9,900

Friday's Broadcast Top 5

Shark Tank-ABC 1.9/6.7
Blue Bloods-CBS 1.7/11.3
MasterChef Jr-FOX 1.6/4.2
Hawaii Five-0-CBS 1.5/9.3
Undercover Boss-CBS 1.5/8.1

Friday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
Blue Bloods-CBS 49,220
Shark Tank-ABC 43,712
Hawaii Five-0-CBS 37,905
America's Next Top Model-CW 33,834
Undercover Boss-CBS 26,444

Friday's Cable Top 5


Friday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

WWE Smackdown-Syfy 65,882
Ghost Adventures-Travel 18,716
Haven-Syfy 16,723
Piers Morgan Live-CNN 8,684
Alma Awards-MSNBC 7,973

Late Night Ratings for the week of 9/16/13-9/20/13
Tonight Show .8/3.6
Daily Show .7/1.6
Colbert Report .6/1.3
Kimmel .6/2.3
Letterman .5/2.3
Fallon .5/1.7
Nightline .5/1.6
Conan .5/.9
Ferguson .3/1.2
Carson Daly .3/.9

Morning News Ratings for the week of 9/16/13-9/20/12
GMA 1.7/2.0
Today 1.7/2.0
CBS This AM .8/.9

Real Housewives of NJ
When we last left our motley NJ crew, they were having a couple of cocktails at the Moxie/Posche 2 party. Of course it can't just be a couple of cocktails and zero drama on a Real Housewives of NJ finale. Drama's part of the package and drama's what we got. The Gorga's and the Laurita's confronted Penny, Penny's big, scary, husband John, and of course the most made up, hideous, disgusting, leader of the pack...Kim D. They all just deferred to Teresa who admitted to NOTHING at that point. Everyone was screaming and yelling and the cameramen were even running for cover. I'm sure they didn't want to call Bravo headquarters to report equipment damage. Surprisingly, Joe Giudice stayed FAR away from the fisticuffs, but with all the charges against him, he probably didn't want any more legal trouble. Loved it when Teresa threatened to pull the Milania hair care products from the Moxie shelves. Yeah that'll show them Teresa! So will all of those "Textez" that they supposedly have from you. "Textez" did Teresa go to school at all? The Gorga's left the party in their Bentley, the Giudice's and the Wakile's all left in their Mercedes in disgust. After the party, Caroline took a tour of her own home and starting getting weepy at how blessed she is that her family's not as insane as The Gorga's or the Giudice's. She's giving up on the Hoboken apartment and staying put in the big house so that if Lauren EVER marries Vito, she can come down the stairs in her wedding dress. The Laurita's both gave Teresa some good advice...tell your bro the truth and take some responsibility for her part of the drama. SHOCKINGLY after a GIANT BUN ALERT, Teresa SORT of came clean that MAYBE she'd done some things she's not proud of. She came clean at Albie and Chris's flavor tasting. The tasting didn't go well flavor wise, but Teresa and her bro finally hugged out. To end the season, all the families went alllll the way to the Jersey Shore, to Teresa and Joe's gutted shore house, for a chilly BBQ where we learned that Milania knows what a muffin top is, Kathy's building her dream home, the Manzo's and Ashlee, moved back home, and the Gorga's sold their mansion for 3.8MM. Guess that's where they got the money for that Bentley. Good season...can't wait for the reunion next week.

Breaking Bad
OMG, I so don't know how to handle this at all. I don't want to give anything away to anyone who hasn't watched Breaking Bad at all or to anyone who hasn't watched the finale yet. It just wouldn't be fair to you guys if I even spoiled one second of any episode, let alone the finale. BUT...I need to vomit out my feelings on the show soooo bad, so PLEASE SKIP's a MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT.

For all of you that did watch finale, would you agree with me that it was EXACTLY what we needed. A complete wrap of, complete closure, answers across the board really. Walt figured out how to make sure that Skyler, Finn and his sister would get the money he worked so hard for. He threatened Gretchen and Elliot with the help of Badger, Skinny Pete and a couple of laser pointers. Did I forget that Gretchen was Susan on Friends? I think I did. Next on Walt's errand list, hook up with Todd and Lydia at their fave spot. He must have visited the diner and the table prior to Lydia's arrival to get the ricin into the Stevia cause I didn't see anything weird when he was at the table. Did you? Walt proposed a meeting with Jack to discuss a new form of Meth without Meth. Before the big meeting in the desert, he finally admitted to Skyler that he did it all for himself. He liked it, he was good at it and it all made him finally feel alive. Classic scene. He said goodbye to Holly who was sleeping in her crib watched Flynn come home from school. Then it was back to the desert to build some cool contraption. Walt hit Jack's place big time. First issue was to get Jessie's out of his prison cell. The looks between the two of them were intense. Walt got his hands on the Volvo car keys which he rigged to trigger his cool firing mechanism. Walt saved Jessie, killed Jack, before he revealed where all the money was, and let Jessie brutally kill Todd with his chains. Jessie got himself free and was about to kill Walt, but saw that he was already dying so he left him there to die. For a second I thought he was going to run Walt over with the car, but he didn't. Walt went down to the lab...his happy place. The cops show up just as Walt leaves us all. Great tune to send us all out...Badfinger's "Baby Blue". Brilliant episode. Satisfying closure for us all. No loose ends. Perfect from beginning to end, from the first episode of the first season to the last episode of the last season. Thanks Vince! A ride we will all never forget!

Pretty good season premiere of Homeland last night even though it was Brody-less. No Brody, but then again, we aren't supposed to know where he is right? Saul can't find HIM but he was able to find and kill 6 key terrorists with Wizard of Oz code names around the world at the EXACT same time 2 months after the attack on Langley that ended last season. Pretty impressive for Saul. Carrie's back to being an emotional wreck. A bit of a slow boil last night for her. At the first part of her hearing they surprised her with Brody's confidential immunity deal document and then at the second part of her hearing they accused her of lying about where she was during the bombing and if all that wasn't enough, her relationship with Brody was splashed on the front page of the paper. She's off her meds again, which is the Carrie we love the most right? Big maps, lots of string, and photos are back on the wall, she's drinking, picking up strangers who like it on the stairs (only on TV do people do it on the stairs...I mean really...again, that's another blog, but I just had to comment) and making scenes at Capitol Grille. Dana's out of the psych ward, but her facial expressions haven't changed at all, she's into texting topless selfies to her new psychmate BF, Leo, which you know will get her into trouble in some way down the road. Of course there's an internal leak on Saul's team...there's always someone on the inside, remember 24? Great premiere, next week I won't be so drained when I watch it.


which I actually did forget about, has been renewed by CBS for next Summer for all of you fans who remember to watch it each week.

-Because I consumed all things Breaking Bad over the weekend to reconcile the end of the show, this was one I thought you'd enjoy. Nothing

-I hope Lauren Zalaznick's departure from NBCU is really a good thing for her. I attribute the Bravo we all know and love to her (and Andy Cohen). She pretty much built it from the ground up and announced last week that after 12 years, she's splitting. Senior leadership changed her role right after the Comcast takeover, so no idea what's really going on with her, but I personally would like to thank her. Bravo is one of my favorite places to go for a fun break from my reality to theirs and she's one of the main reasons why. So, I hope her next chapter is as good as her last! Good Luck Lauren!

-With so much TV to watch, I wasn't on Netflix over the weekend, but supposedly now they are streaming in Super HD, anything Super is supposed to be better right? Look, I'm all for better, but instead of going to Super HD, could they just add ALL the titles they have in their arsenal to the streaming side of things. This is why I complained the last time. There just isn't as much to stream on Netflix as you'd think. Sure it's great for binge viewing and stuff, but I have a list of movies I'm dying to see that are STILL not available to stream on Netflix. C'mon're getting more money from all of us, now give us the content too!

Monday's Trivia Question: I know not EVERYONE was watching Breaking Bad last night, but I just had to do a trivia question from the finale...What cassette tape did Walt find in the glove compartment of the Volvo?

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