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On March 24, America commemorated Equal Pay Day. The date is significant: It marks how far women must work into the new year just to earn what their white, non-Hispanic male counterparts earned in 2020 alone. Overall, women in the United States are paid 82 cents for every dollar paid to men, but the gaps are even wider for women of color: Black women earn just 63 cents, Native American women earn 60 cents and Latina women earn 55 cents.

This is a global issue. Pay parity stands as one of the greatest barriers to gender equality worldwide. In fact, at the current rate of progress, the World Economic Forum predicts that it will take 257 years to close the global gender pay gap -- and that's not even taking into account the decades of progress undone by the pandemic.

That's why we collaborated with Citi to create the Advancing Equality Calculator™. It's a free tool that organizations or departments of any size can use to calculate their raw pay gap in a few simple steps.

There are many other features within the Advancing Equality Calculator™: It also demonstrates how closing the pay gap could potentially contribute to revenue and GDP, and provides tailored insights that may help your organization build a strong business case for gender equality. Best of all, anyone can use it -- you just need some basic company information to get started.

Are you ready to start closing the pay gap now? Get started.

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