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Pride yourself on being cutting edge? Advertisers spend years of research and development to roll out new products with new packaging and increased media spends, yet they continue to get and accept the same old underachieving ROI. What is wrong with this picture? Some would say that some advertisers are afraid of veering away from plain old ordinary ratings as the “tried and true” metric of currency. Well, we’re not asking advertisers to replace their security blanket, even if it’s making them throw good money after bad, we’re asking that they use their media spend smartly. It’s the responsible thing to do. With TRA’s Media TRAnalytics®, we’re arming advertisers with the information they need to make the best decisions for their products. That is, which networks, programs and dayparts will give provide The Right Audience® for their brand. This means advertisers are able to know where to find their brand loyals, their competitors’ loyals as well as many other desired targets like lapsed buyers, triers, and repeaters on Television. For example, below are the top five and bottom five auto categories for the FX program Louie./i> Advertisers such as Honda, Volkswagen and other small and mid-range car manufacturers wanting to increase their ROI should consider Louie as a program to reallocate their media spend. For more information on TRA, please visit

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