Storytelling Revolution with Unilever's Rob Master

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Winning the Streaming Trophy: A Marketer's Perspective

Welcome to "The Storytelling Revolution" a video-interview series from MediaVillage Watch Listen & Learn that features some of the greatest story architects and change-makers in our industry, from the world of advertising, media, branding, creativity, innovation and global business.

We are kicking off the series with one of the marketing community's leading media innovators and thought leaders, Rob Master, vice president of media and digital engagement for Unilever North America. Rob is responsible for overseeing paid and earned media strategy, internal creative studio and global partnerships, from leading iconic brands such as Dove and Axe as a marketer, to reimagining the media model for the world's second largest advertiser, Rob has insider knowledge on the best practices that Unilever brands adopt to ensure growth and how that can be applied to marketing the streaming platforms. In that context, Rob shares his perspectives on the future of streaming platforms and dives into the role of media mix decisions, data-driven campaigns, ad innovation and even shares how Star Wars contains invaluable lessons for marketers. Bonus points if you notice a special guest who joins the story. Watch Listen & Learn now.


Photo at top: Rob Master and son: A home run for the Klondike Bears

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