Stream of Consciousness: Dan Rayburn on OTT and Streaming Media

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Dan Rayburn just finished overseeing another Streaming Summit held at the NAB Show New York. He's considered one of the foremost authorities on streaming media technology and online video business models, while simultaneously working as a principal analyst at research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan and publishing market data analysis on streaming media and tech trends. He also frequently serves as an expert source in everything from Fortune and The New York Times to CNN and NPR. Did I mention he's former United States Air Force and Air National Guard, spends many hours a month supporting fellow veterans ... and is the first to admit he accomplished that without a college degree? After my recent interview with him for the NAB Show podcast I had to keep the conversation going.

You'll want to listen here — or wherever you get your podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio, GooglePodcasts, Apple, TuneIn, YouTube and now on Pandora — because in this extended discussion we cover:

· His launching pad from the Air Force to Apple as a systems engineer

· How, when the internet was just starting, he raised $75 000 to cofound a live-streaming company (and what happened in the dot-com bubble burst ... and beyond)

· His thoughts on the longevity or the sustainability of the streaming industry today ... and where the growth could be

· How an Acorn TV, or any other niche streaming service, grows to be mighty

· How we can solve for the user experience — from search and discovery to differentiation, to the overwhelm aspect of terminology. Basically, how we streamline that in streaming, and whether aggregation will be the answer

· How Rayburn uses his tech know-how to solve for veterans' career question: "OK, where do you want to go once you get out?"

As we wrangle with AppleTV+ coming out November 1, Disney+ on November 12, followed by Quibi and Peacock early in Q2, you'll want to hear his projections for the world of streaming services in 2020, because, as Rayburn says, "There's an amazing amount of money that's being pumped into this industry from a marketing and a content production creation standpoint.... But at some point, down the line, these are going to have to be businesses that turn a profit." Listen to the full episode to learn some ways that might happen.

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