Streaming Shakeout Underway Says University Entertainment Finance Professor (Video)

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An overabundance of both content and distribution options is overwhelming consumers and will lead to shakeout among streaming services, according to David Offenberg, an Associate Professor of Finance at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and one of the nation's most recognized experts in entertainment finance. Offenberg said that consumers' decision-making capabilities are pre-programmed with a capacity of no more than six choices and once offered more than that they become confused and default to entities with which they are most familiar. In the case of streaming, that's Netflix, which he thinks will be one of the survivors of the ongoing streaming battle. Offenberg will be leading a breakout session at the MFM Annual Conference in Los Angeles this May titled, "Attention and Distraction: Financial Implications of Changing Entertainment Consumption Habits."

Watch MFM President and CEO Joe Annotti's interview with Offenberg in the video above.

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